Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Diva Hoop Dreams

Real Collectibles by Adrienne® Clear Crystal Large Hoop Earrings Item: 363-413
(Clearance Price: $26.95)

The blog posts have been scant lately as I and the entire royal household have been spending more time on the royal throne being royally sick.

As usual when I'm feeling under-the-weather, I buy a little trinket as a pick-me-up.

This time, I splurged on some I-ain't-playin'-around divalicious hoops from the Queen of Hoops, Adrienne (y'all know how I love the Adrienne show). I have been wanting some big, sparkly, yet narrow hoops for some time now, but just haven't found just the right pair at the right price.

These were almost the right pair at nearly the right price, but sickness put its heavy thumb on the scale and tipped the balance.

I did manage to come out of the "Everything on 4 Easy Payments Groundhog Day QVC Spectacular" completely unscathed. Those Evil Pays can add up quick!

Also, I'll be announcing the winner of the IMAN free purse contest today!!!


  1. QB.....you are a stronger woman then me LOL. I started to go crazy, that expensive B Makowsky bag I have been drooling over called my name along with a few other things. Afer I placed my order, remorse set in and I canceled it all except for the Birkis. A girl has got to have something to keep her going till spring

  2. I ordered a Denim & Co outfit and a pair of sandals...no, I am not strong!

  3. I'm not that strong ... just trying to hold out until Sterling Designer day!


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