Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Louis Dell'Olio's New Fashion Statement

Louis Dell'Olio has a brand new fashion accessory--a cast on his arm!

Did he have a tragic accident in the design room involving a bobbin and a zipper? Perhaps he got into a bar room brawl with Pam McCoy over a leather jacket?

Unfortunately, the reality is quite sad.

According to Louis Dell'Olio's QVC blog, after learning that his 3-year-old Scottie, Ellie, had Lymphoma, a treatable cancer of the lymph nodes, shortly before Christmas, he started chemo treatments right away.

"On Christmas Eve morning [8am], Jac and I were going to take Ellie for her 2nd treatment. I took the trash out to the bin and was coming back into the house through the rear kitchen door, when I slipped on the ice and fell! YES, I heard a crack! I broke my left shoulder! Am I glad 08 is over! Ellie has now had 5 chemo treatments and her cancer is in remission, we and her vet are thrilled....Hurray! I am in a sling, but healing well. The next time you see me on the Q, I'll still be wearing the sling....but I'm fine....thank goodness it was my left shoulder....so I can still sketch."

Thoughts and prayers to both Ellie and Louis.


  1. Oh, dear! Poor guy :-(
    Louis, I wish you a speedy recovery, and I'm thrilled to hear Ellie is responding well to her treatments. It's awful when our furkids are sick and can't tell us what's going on ... and we can't tell them everything will eventually be okay. I have to try to "explain" to my new five month old Benjamin Button ("adopted" as a stray on Christmas Day when he wandered into our yard, all flee-bitten and mangey, complete with worms) that he has to be neutered in a few weeks. Eeek.

  2. Louis, I love your clothes. I have many and enjoy wearing them all.
    Best wishes for a speedy recovery.

  3. Louis, you have changed my life so much for the better! Now girls, let's admit it, we love looking good and dressing for our men. And this
    man does it better than anyone. My figure is just the opposite from Jac's, but even us chubby girls have lots of money to spend and our dear Louis knows just how to keep us all happy and beautiful.
    As for the classic nature of his designs, I am just so happy that I don't have to compete against this artistic genius. Between the fabulous quality of the fabrics he uses and the top-notch quality of garment construction, you've got a wardrobe that will last forever and easily stand the test of time.
    Thank you, QVC, for hosting this gentle man! If you take the time to watch and listen carefully to him, you too will become a better and smarter shopper. He teaches us what to look for in our clothing, how to spot bad construction, bad design and bad colors. I have not been to the mall in years, being so pleased with what I see on the Q. Now if only we could get him to put his jewelry ideas into production!


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