Friday, January 30, 2009

Is Andrew Lessman Feuding with Sensa?

Andrew Lessman--who recently won the oh-so-coveted crown of Vitamin King in Queen Bea's Home Shopping Cage Match--just posted an interesting video on his Procaps website.


Andrew decided to pull all his weight management products from HSN.

Here's part of what he had to say:

"Because of issues that I cannot control and that I'm not comfortable with, my weight loss products will no longer be available at HSN. It is a decision that I labored very hard over, but because of the fact that, more than anything, I value your trust and respect that you have been giving me for the past thirty years I've been manufacturing vitamins. It was important that I make a decision like this."

Although he never mentions Sensa by name, there are two links about "a new weightloss product being sold on HSN" listed beside the video. One to a 20/20 Sensa expose video and another to an ABC News article also about Sensa.

When I last checked, all the weight loss products were still listed on the HSN website. I'm assuming that they still get to sell whatever is still in their inventory or Andrew hasn't gotten around to pulling them yet. In any case, Andrew said that all the weightloss products will still be available on his Procaps website.

So why is Andrew so upset about Sensa?

As y'all know, I love Andrew Lessman, so his opinion holds a little more weight with me--no pun intended. I would really like to know specifically what his issue is with Sensa and why he feels so strongly about it that he can't even be seen on the network with them.

And why would HSN risk upsetting their biggest-selling vendor for a new product?

What do you think of the video?


  1. Why is Andrew so upset about Sensa? It's probably because HSN chose to promote a smoke-and-mirrors style weight loss product with dubious end results and veiled ingredients (as I'd mentioned in an earlier blog post about Sensa when it was a TS) in direct competition with his own well-tested, pure and natural products to help promote weight control. I give him kudos for his professional and ethical values. Sensa is crap and Andrew knows it.

  2. Hmmm...look how many skincare & beauty lines compete on both QVC & HSN, too many to count! It doesn't make sense to me that AL felt threatened by Sensa. It also doesn't make sense to me that HSN would jeopardize their relationship w/ one of their top sellers who has the least amt. of product returns & probably the most re-orders. I guess he just believes that his product is superior & if they are going to compete w/ an unknown or as CC said "dubious" product, he would not stoop to direct competition. I hope he hasn't thrown the baby out w/ the bathwater so to speak. His weight loss products will lose visibility by not being seen on HSN. Would like to know more of the real story here!

  3. Gale, I think the difference here is science vs marketing. Makeup and skin care can easily fall prey to the Susanne Somers, Tovas and and Joan Rivers of the world, but when professional, educated and scientific people like Lessman and the Sensa developer clash, their product data has to be beyond reproach. If you'll notice, the doctor who developed Sensa out-and-out lied about peer review for Sensa, yet he's led people to believe otherwise. That's a red flag right there, and I think that's what Andrew Lessman is trying to point out, in the most diplomatic way possible to his viewers and customers. Make up and skin care is one thing; what we ingest into our bodies is quite something else.

  4. Now I'm just thoroughly confused. I bought Andrew Lessman's SECURE when it was the TSV because everyone raved about how great it tasted and I did check with buyer reviews before I bought it. I hated it. I bought one chocolate and one coffee. I tried them alone and mixed and still hated it. That was just my experience. I heard the samed mixed reviews about the different meal delivery programs where you have to almost double the expense by adding in your own fruit, vegetables, etc. and it sounds like the cardboard it is packaged in is better than the food. I ordered the SENSA and should probably get it today. Do I keep it, or send it back wihout trying it? I just lost and regained about 30 pounds by basically being hungry all the time so I know how hard it is to lose and how easy it is to gain it back. I feel like just turning everyone off. Andrew Lessman has a right to do what he wants with his products, but this was sort of drastic and HSN has been put in the position to explain why his weight loss products will not be sold on HSN. I think it's time to close my wallet and stop listening to the hype - including Tony Little, Brenda Dygraf and all the rest.

  5. As you know, my opinion is that Sensa is *probably* crap, but I am giving it a try - mostly just to convince myself that it IS crap.

    I have never been a fan of Andrew Lessman (sorry!) and I think he sounds like a bit of a crybaby. If his principles are THAT affected by HSN selling Sensa, then why doesn't he remove ALL of his products? Because if he did that, he'd be shooting himself in the foot. Oh well, just more home shopping drama. Love it.

    Thanks for stopping by my blog - I am a fellow home shopping addict and look forward to reading your future posts!

  6. Andrew Lessman is a medical school dropout by choice. He is an attorney. That doesn't make him an expert on anything scientific or medical. He is an attorney and a businessman, plain & simple. Products just like his can be found at most health food stores, some even at Walmart, if you know how to read a label.
    His 'weight loss' products are the worst. If he were truly promoting good health, he wouldn't even have a weight loss category in his products. There are 1000s of weight loss products out on the market that don't work, just like his, and he knows it.
    He is full of ego and is working another marketing technique.

  7. Look, I had never heard of this Andrew Lessman person. I bought Sensa on HSN a little less than two weeks ago and I'm down 4 pounds!!! And all I do is sprinkle the stuff on my food. I had never heard of sensa prior to seeing it on HSN and for me it's working. I don't understand why people just assume something doesn't work because they like another product. I don't think anyone is saying that you should throw out Andrews stuff (sorry I don't know what he sells) and use sensa. The show I saw on HSN for sensa, the blonde lady said use it with your current diet if you like...I'm so confused...I saw his website and the fact that he shows a 20/20 interview that shows sensa in a bad light...but honestly I don't care...I'm down 4 pounds in less than two weeks yay me!! I would rather take sensa and slim down and then be supportive of someoneone I've never heard who has done nothing for me.

  8. I'm down 7 lbs in 3 weeks. I bought it from hsn but now they don't offer it anymore. I'm DEFINITELY going to buy it from the site. I can't tell you how happy I am with this product, no words can describe the comfort I feel because it TOTALLY removes your cravings for sweets and carbs and crap, along with creating a full feeling that begins within 1 minute. I wish I could buy stock int he company because this stuff is going to be huge.

  9. fyi - lessman threatens to pull his products off hsn whenever they don't give him his own way or they allow another company to sell their products and for whatever reason (color of the sky that day, what he had for lunch, etc) lessman throws a fit about it. having worked with people who used to work for lessman, the stories about this man's ego are amazing. basically if he feels threatened in any way, shape or form, he flips out. he fires people simply because he doesn't like them. no one can be more successful or smarter than he is. by the way - he claims he invented the microwave and the internet...that gives you some indication as to the type of person he is. his products? overpriced and ineffective doses

  10. Well those certainly sound like reliable sources of information regarding Andrew "anonymous". People you've worked with who used to work for him? Wow, sounds like you really know the guy, thanks for filling us in. Yes, i'm quite sure he believes he invented the microwave and the internet. After all, I myself believe i'm the founder of Microsoft.

  11. to offer some perspective here: keep in mind that sometimes people post anonymously because they are worried about legal repercussions from lawsuit-happy folks like Lessman! take this from someone who actually DID work closely with him and saw it happen more than once...
    and don't believe for a second that the charming "personality" you see on HSN is a true reflection of the definitely is not!

  12. I used Andrew's vitamins for over a year until I took them to my doctor and he said they weren't the right dosage even at his 3 caps a day. He directed me to a brand that was half the price and you only needed 1 cap a day. When this melodrama started I looked up some of his stuff and what was in the sensa stuff. Some of his caps have one or more of the same ingredients like binders. his secure meals contain "natural and artifical flavors and colors". He's full of himself. Every other vitamin that was on hsn had to be removed once he came along. He may wear his honest blue shirts but he's not such an angel. Lawyers tongue has gotten him this far.

  13. I found A free Sensa offer at

    For only $4.95 for a 2 motnh trial offerr a person should not hesitate to try the stuff.

  14. don't get AL's mad dash to remove his weight loss products. they really weren't worth the price. the weight loss mixes aren't leaving the market. maybe they have a place for a sensible meal replacement... if used correctly.
    i've taken his vitamins, only to have ridiculous excess amounts show up in my blood. doesn't do your body any good! the science is there. overdosing us with useless amounts has no health value. even if they've not been proven dangerous (yet). it would be nice if his vitamins were sold in practical doses, but that would warrant a price break. never going to happen. i just don't have room for all the gigantic bottles. never thought about it, but he is using his lawyer background to bombard us with info. 'overload' to make us think we can only benefit from his product. his empire has been built by hsn customers. he should remember who's putting the food in his mouth.

  15. Anon,
    I just bought the TS also. The largest set available. It was my first AL purchase and they made it sound so good.

    I am confused as well and don't know what to think after reading some of the opinions here.

    The reviews on HSN are great but I have always wondered if they take the bad ones away!!??

    One more tidbit of "true gossip" only because I saw it myself.

    AL was on a late night infomercial selling something just about 2 weeks ago or maybe a little less. I just saw for a few seconds and changed the channel.
    I wish I had watched it all now to see what he was up to.

    Does anyone else know or did anyone see it???

    Glad to be back on your site again Q Bea, I always end up here for the latest.

    The last time I posted anything was the story I told you about Suzanne Sommers and Paula Abdul. How HSN sold Suzanne out on the scarf necklace. At least that is how it appeared to me.
    Well I digress.
    I will be back soon,

  16. Does anyone recall the name of the meal replacement product that HSN sold about ten years ago? It had a great taste. I can not stomach that Secure. It made me gag. This other brand was great but HSN does not sell it anymore.

  17. I tried Sensa and it is crap. I am now back on JC and use AL's Secure and the Carnislim together with it and I have lost way more weight in 2 weeks than I did in 3 months with Sensa. Sansa is a sham and a ripoff.

  18. Both HSN and QVC seem to shoot themselves in the foot regularly by selling products that compete with their best sellers.

    NY Times just had an article about contaminants in supplements, many of which are formulated abroad. Whether you hang on Andrew's every word or not, his products are made in the USA so you can check out the ingredients. Where is Sensa made?

    It's being presented on ShopNBC as a feature from time to time. HSN may have introduced it as part of its "As Seen on TV" series. I would guess that Andrew Lessman just doesn't want his dietary and weight control products being confused with another manufacturer's.

    Besides, none of us know what AL's contractual agreement is with HSN. He may have the option of no competition, which he feels is not being honored by their offering Sensa.

  19. Andrew's Today's Special Value for today is his daily multivitamin in one simple capsule...called Essential-1. He made it sound like the most wondrously!formulated!vitamin!ever! so I whipped out my bottle of my regular daily multi...called NSI Synergy Once Daily Multi-Vitamin Version 3...and compared the supplement facts. They are similar. Mine is also "made in the USA" - New Jersey. Andrew's has two minor pluses: it contains lycopene (no big deal, I eat a couple spoonfuls of tomato paste a day for the natural SPF 15+ it provides within my skin), and the Gamma version of vitamin E (no big deal IMO, either). Many of the vitamins of both brands contain similar values and my NSI Synergy one seems to have a few higher values (chromium, folic acid), plus it contains Co-Q10, green tea, and resveratrol. I've been taking NSI & it's top quality, but it comes down less $$ to pay for the TSV on HSN. I'm tempted to buy the 400caps/$80 from Essential-1 because it's slightly cheaper per pill just for today than the 60caps/$20 of NSI's. A. Lessman is a businessman & salesman, and personally his on-air persona rubs me the wrong way, so it would bug me to order something from him. Eh.

  20. I have only tried 3 of Andrew Lessman's products (the Secure Soy drink mix, CoQ10, and Ultimate Women's Wellness natural hormone balance caps) but sadly the only one that 'seemed' to work was the CoQ10. I have not tried any of his other products yet.

    As for Sensa, I would LOVE to give it a try, but after reading comments about 'bad stomach upsets, nausea, blotting' and other 'issues' that followed I'm not sure if Sensa would be good for me either.

    All I'm looking for is a "good all natural with NO fillers supplement" that will give me some much needed energy through out the day, and a way to lose weight without all the 'drama' involved. Thanks for the 'heads up' to all who wrote on this forum. Your comments have been very thought provoking to say the least.

  21. I love Andrew Lessman's vitamins. I get more value in both quality and quantity. He's on the Air now and I love his new blue shirt; he has a nice tie that matches. (smile)

    I'm just wondering how old he is. He looks like a 'kid' (almost) with some of his features. Of course he's not. I am thinking he must be in his 50's. He looks good for his age; he has all of his hair and he has excellent posture (as people in their 50's lose good posture).

    I would say that with all of the companies out here, who have angle after angle, marketing gimmicks by the 1000's, I 'trust' Andrew Lessman's products.

    I've been taking his Cholesterol supplement and the Fibermucil and my Total Cholesterol has gone from 208 to 158 in three months. My sugar levels are excellent as well as the other factors in my blood tests.

    I'm one customer who is doing quite well with his vitamins and supplements for quite a while.

    I wish everyone good health no matter which line of vitamins you choose; that none of you or your loved ones will ever be victims of anyone's scam. Take care.

  22. He wears no wedding ring, so I am assuming he is single at the age of 54? Or is he gay? Anyone know?

    1. He speaks about his home & his Dogs.. I believe a host made a reference to his family ....

    2. What do your questions have to do with his products?

    3. He is married his wife was on HSN one day with him.

  23. I never buy his vitamins as I get mine at the Dollar General. They often have days which they offer 5 dollars off on total purchases of 25 (with coupon). I do watch Andrew because he is so very gorgeous. Very hot, indeed.

  24. To the person who gets their vitamins at dollar general- I wouldn't get discount vitamins- vitamins are now being made with synthetic similars, and NOT the original natural ingredients. To get the best vitamins (the ones that will work and will be absorbed correctlty by your body) opt for organic, natural, vitamins with vegetarian ingredients and no fillers.

  25. In reply to this post:AnonymousJuly 2, 2013 at 2:36 PM
    He is married his wife was on HSN one day with him.Really I searched and found nothing that said he was married. Probably a fake.

  26. As a long time employee of HSN, I find this thread hilarious...No, Andrew is not married, he does though have a beautiful girlfriend...he is devoted to his company and is ACTUALLY a nice guy...His issue with Sensa was the ingredients, none of them actually did anything for you as far as weight loss goes...If you purchased Sensa and it worked for you? Good for's all in your head when it comes to that product...I've been to Andrews facility in Henderson NV on multiply occasions...He IS the real deal and he is very passionate about the products he offers to the public...Anyone posting with the name "Anonymous" is most likely a "Sensa" employee...Andrew doesn't run around suing people you idiots...he run's around offering awesome, HEALTHY products

    1. Andrew Lessman makes the best vitamins.I used his hair skin and nails and seen a dramatic change the next day in the condition of my skin...i looked like a diva skin was glowing my eyelids looked beautiful and my whole eye area...i was gauking at my self ,im not even kidding.I also used his sleepy time vitamin...after having my second child at 26 and i am hooked....this works like a dream and i promise you i will never go back to drowsy droggy drugs that to not la yourself to sleep.I am now 29 and am using almost all of his vitamins......and i look like im 20.Hes so sexy<3

  27. I worked for Andrew and was fired. He is a good person, and did not fire people just because he didn't like them.
    He truly cares about his products and does his best to deliver effective and safe weight loss products.
    It is important to not that weight loss supplements need to be used in junction with a healthy diet and lifestyle!!!

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