Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Queen Bea's Death Bed Confessions

Alright, alright … I admit it! I caved. I’m weak. So sue me. While I was suffering with the creeping death plague flu, I accidentally—allegedly--bought the Serious Skin Care Today’s Special on HSN.

It’s not my fault though! My lips were chapped, my nose was raw, and my eyes looked all sunken and sallow. I was horribly dehydrated. Normally, aside from the infamous T-zone, I’m as dry as the Sahara Desert (as Lisa Robertson at the Q likes to say), so being sick was just adding kindling to the fire.

And all day long the lovely Jennifer (Flavin Stallone) kept talking about all the rich moisture and luxurious hydration I was going to enjoy with the her Solutions for Dry Skin Olive Oil Kit. And it was only like $14 to get it home and I could always return it, right? Plus, if you sign up for auto-ship, you get free shipping. I am a sucker for free shipping. And I can always cancel the auto-ship. Jennifer even said I could.

For goodness sake, I wasn’t thinking straight. My brain had been replaced by mucus and a nice lady on the TV was explaining how she had the answers to all my problems in her Holy Grail of olive oil products. So, yes, through my haze of sickness I somehow managed to correctly order the TS. They do make ordering easy, don’t they?

Props to HSN, I got my order yesterday morning.

Here’s the thing though. So far, I love it! Especially that Omega 3 serum. I have no idea if it fights lines and wrinkles since I’ve only used it twice, but it does hydrate. My extremely dry face is now … dewy and soft. I have never been dewy or soft. If I could bathe in this stuff, I would.

The shower cream and the body lotion are both good. I haven’t had a chance to try the mask yet, but it’s supposed to leave my face smooth and supple, which will go quite nicely with dewy and soft.

The replenishing oil and the cleanser are both good, but squirt all over the place when you push down on the pump. I know Jennifer doesn’t like to spend much on packaging, but trying to hunt down the product on the bathroom counter is rather annoying.

The facial firming pads are good. My face feels tighter, but I don’t break out in hives or get all red and blotchy as my dry and sensitive skin is prone to do. The top ones will dry out, so I would recommend storing them upside down.

The squalane is interesting. I don’t think that I could use it if it were shark squalane, but this is from olives. The roller is good and bad. Sometimes it just gets stuck and doesn’t want to roll so you have to push down really hard or try to get it going with your fingers. It also smells bad to me—sort of a strong floral scent. I hate floral scents, but that’s just me. I decided to just use it on my fingernails. Like my skin, they are dry and peal all the time. Maybe this will help. I don’t know yet.

I don’t care for the ugly purse that came with it, but I’ll give it to my niece or something. The subscription to Self will be nice too.

All in all, this is a great kit—especially the omega 3 serum. I’ve heard complaints about the smell, but I don’t think the olive oil line smells bad at all. If you like the smell of olive oil, you probably won’t mind these products.


  1. I read most all this on another wonderful lady's board .... did someone just go copy her forum???

    Pathetic ain't it..

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