Wednesday, December 10, 2008

I *Heart* Adrienne Arpel

I don't know what it is about Adrienne, but whenever she's on HSN, I am completely hypnotized by her.

I love the way she sweeps her bangs out of her face and leans in towards the camera when she's getting serious about educating you on the finer points of argon oil or hyaluronic acid.

I love how she smears lotions, potions, and makeup all over the models' faces without much regard for how much she's using or where it ultimately ends up (the demonstrations with the multi-colored concealers are by far my favorite part of the Adrienne show).

I also seriously appreciate that she uses ... ahem ... more "mature" models to demonstrate her products. Seeing a smooth-skinned, dewy-faced 18-year-old model happily using an anti-wrinkle cream just doesn't do it for me.

The models Adrienne uses also appear to be clean-faced with no makeup on before she starts slapping on her various face paints (and I do mean slap, Adrienne is not know for her gentle touch!), which is much more than I can say for many other beauty vendors *cough*BE*cough* who seem to put an entire face of perfect makeup on with one easy sweep of their magic kabuki brush.

I love her big jewelry, her pulled face, and her pouty fish lips. I've never tried any of her products, but I'm always tempted.


  1. RE: Adrianne and her product line - go for it! I was watching her over the weekend and thinking to myself that, although I think she's a hoot to the nth degree, each and every thing I have ever purchased from her skin care/makeup line I have liked a lot. I'm working on a try me kit of Vitamin C and Argon Oil right now. The 5 Essentials Creme, the meltdowns and especially the Multiceutical Wrinkle Blaster are the best! I'll even put up with the repetitiveness of her three hour HSN telethons :-)

  2. I did win a $10-off coupon playing the find-the-snowflake-in-the-box game!

    I might have to use it. :-)

  3. haha, QB! i love watchin' her, too, for some reason. i always think of her as a microwave-ier (not a word, but it stays)-faced bwabwa walters -- i think she sounds just like BW! it's hilarious! and you're right, she does beat the tar outta them granny models' faces! LOL

  4. I think Adrienne's continued presence on HSN, doing the same schtick over and over again in the same way, every time, time after time, gives us viewers a feeling of continuity, a secure sense that all is right with the world and that the planet will still spin as it should.

  5. Hey CupCaked (love the name--reminds me of Strawberry Shortcake dolls!)--

    You're right, her continued presense is comforting. However, there are many, many vendors who do the same dog-n-pony show all the time and I don't find them comforting in the least!


  6. Oh my you mean to tell me there are OTHERS out there that have been hypnotized by Adrienne as well? When you responded to my post, I nearly fell off my chair with curiosity. I'll be danged...

  7. Hey HahnSolo (I'm gonna assume from your name that you also *heart* Harrison Ford!)--

    Adrienne has a cult following. Trust me, you are not alone!


  8. I live in Whitby, Ontario Canada and have not seen Adrienne Arpel on the Shopping Channel in years!!! Again, I always watched her whole segment from start to finish in complete awe...LIKE I WAS HYPNOTIZED!!! That is the exact word I would use as well. Ia have purchased her products in past as well...Luckily our department store The Hudson Bay Company has a counter for her products that offer facials and bonus products with purchase...which I just have done this week...YIPPEEE!!!

  9. Actually, while Adrienne herself can be a bit irritating, her products are pretty good and although she brings out new colors/formulations, she does not stray too far from her base as far as products are concerned. Far too many companies have changed their packaging and products to where they look nothing like they used to with their former trademark colors and cases gone like the wind. Are you listening, Mary Kay reps?

  10. I hate the tone she uses and she doesn't seem to have any volume control. It's also freaky that she doesn't have a line or a wrinkle on her face while her voice sounds like she's 103 years old.

  11. is shop nbc getting rid of Margie they have new people selling those tiffeny lamps.I have seen them on a few times,and Margie isn't on so often anymore.

  12. I have purchased Adriennes products once in the past and thought most of them were fine, my problem is the disceptive practice of how she wants us to believe that certain products 'magically transform' sagging necks, eyelids, etc.
    Am I the only one who notices the same pattern with each of the models when it comes to Adrienne explaining the 'lift' (before and afters)? As the product is applied around the eyes and above the eyebrows, low and behold the model simply raises her eyebrow and leaves it there. The 'magical lift' of the neck? Look at the before, where the model is dropping her chin toward her chest, and look at the after, where the model simply lifts her chin upward. Around the mouth? The model is frowning in the before and simply lifts the corners of her mouth in a slight smile in the after. COME ON NOW!!
    This type of deception is not necessary as it has only served to turn me off. PLEASE, dont insult the buyers intelligence or take advantage of those who arent picking up on this, I would like to believe in what I am being told, so please stop this practice.

  13. I've been trying to find an evening cream eyeshadow trio that Adrienne sold I don't remember how many years ago. It was fantastic! It's no longer any her line of products. I wish she'd add it again. I had so many compliments and tried it on my friends and they loved it too!

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