Sunday, January 18, 2009

I am sooo tempted ...

Mr. Queen Bea has been wanting a new HDTV for some time now. And from everything I can tell, QVC's TSV is a great deal--a brand name TV for the price of a no-name TV at Wal-Mart.

Here's the specs:
Sharp AQUOS 42" Diag. Widescreen Full High-Def 1080p LCD TV
TSV price: $795
5 Easy Payments of $159
S&H: $59.97

Even though it's on 5 Easy Payments of $159, it's still hard to part with that much money. I'm probably gonna sit around hemming and hawing all day until it goes on wait list. Ugh!

Two things are holding me back: 1) they don't tell you the exact model number, which makes accurate comparison shopping difficult, 2)the shipping and handling is ridiculous!

Will I kick myself tomorrow if I don't get this???


  1. No, you will not regret it if you don't buy it! If QVC won't give you the model number, there's a reason, and it's not to your benefit. And that shipping charge is beyond ridiculous. Be strong.

  2. Let us know what you decide, compared to what these same TV's used to cost when they first debuted, it's not a bad deal. It's not a steal but it's not highway robbery either. It's a decent deal & while I think Panasonic & Sony are probably top-notch in electronics like these, Sharp is usually great. Returning it would be one big headache though.

  3. P.S. Did you check the Sunday ads first?

  4. Some things are great to buy online, but the best place to find items like this is a bricks-and-mortar store. Just look at the shipping and handling. When a retailer (like the Q) won't give model info, that usually means it's about to be discontinued. Caveat emptor!

  5. It's already on wait list and I didn't buy it. I will consider it providence and continue
    looking ... Sam's Club, maybe???

  6. QB - Take a look at HH Gregg's today's ad - right on the cover - 42" HDTV - $699 (after $300 savings) & 12 mths. no interest. I think sale runs all week long. Not sure about all the specs, bells & whistles - you'd have to compare. Hope that helps!

  7. Costco is the best place to buy a TV....check their Visio line.

  8. We got our Visio at Sam's Club a while back. We love it. My husband recommends it to everyone. Not sure what we paid but he still thinks we got a good deal.

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