Sunday, January 18, 2009

VOTE! A Very Healthy Vitamin Smackdown

With the new year upon us, we're all trying to live a little healthier and there is no easier way to be healthy than popping some pills.

So who is the Home Shopping King of Vitamins???

My beloved Andrew Lessman who uses solar energy and has two really cute dogs ...

Or one of these other guys ...

Not that I'm biased or anything. Hah!

Be sure to vote on the top of the right hand column. :-)


  1. You'll have to fight me for him QB!

  2. I saw the new Nature's Code dude on the other night. He is creepy. I would NOT buy anything from him.

  3. Gale--you better watch out, I have claws!!! :-)

  4. Claws? We don't need no steenkin' claws!

  5. Got news for all of you - as someone who worked for Lessman for years and years, I can tell you in all honesty that he's NOT in any way, shape or form the nice guy you all think he is...

  6. Can you fill us in a bit more Anonymous? There is so little info. available about him.

  7. When Andrew first started on HSN, I ordered calcium supplements from him. I found I couldn't take them and called the number on the supplement package. Imagine my suprise when Andrew not only answered the phone, but spoke with me for ten minutes, (or so)concerning the difficulties some women had digesting calcium supplements. He was terrific! 'Told me to stop taking them and send them back for a refund!

  8. Have used Andrew's vitamins for years. They work and you feel better and more energetic. He stands behind his products, and they are made using no fillers. He used the best ingredients possible. Try the men's or women's daily maximum complete multi vitamin. You'll feel better in a few days. Andrew Lessman is the best, hands down. And it doesn't matter that he is handsome, but that makes him more fun to watch!

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