Thursday, January 15, 2009

Are Those Fake?

HSN has been doing this Faces of Beautiful You thing, which is a cutsie show about some college girls who use HSN products to solve all their problems. Just wave the magical mascara wand and your blind date will be perfect!

It appears HSN is trying to use these webisodes to capitalize on the social networking sites, since each characters has her own fake MySpace page, fake Facebook page, fake blog, and even fake Twitter too. But they’re gonna have to come up with something cooler than “if he’s a hottie, show some shoulder!” if they want any traction.

Unless these girls are planning on hanging some Huggable Hangers off their nipple rings or camouflaging that tattoo they got after a night of shooters by using Lauren Hutton's face disc, I just don't think that Gen Y kids are gonna care about Hallie, Smith, and Nicki.


  1. Could not agree more -- this stupidity is NOT their demographic, anymore than the fake "cyber girl" actress they use ( badly) to sell the netbooks and cameras..


  2. I don't know, is it just me, but I get soooooooo tired of hearing about Chris Scanlon and her trips to Vail, Hawaii, Europe etc. Not to mention that idiot Arron Berger on any and all electronic shows, someone should just send him skipping on his way, or maybe him and David Vennable can run off and get married, if he can resist the charms of Justin Bieber. I realize I am probably in the wrong demographics, but all this makes me think I should start my own home shopping channel, no B/S just facts, and NO droning on and on about, where I've been with my family, and giggling like a 5th grader, no being amazed at how when you push the power button on something it turns on. I realize it's a business, but please, I'd like to send most of these hosts a dollar, so they could buy themselves some dignity. Treat people like they have a double digit IQ at least. I rarely watch any of the shows anymore, I do go online and see if anything interesting is being offered at a reasonable price, or on value pay. Does anyone else find it offensive that they're talked to like a 5 year old on these shows?


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