Monday, June 9, 2008

Dave King Dating Cook's Essentials Lady?

Is that our favorite--recently fired--QVC host, Dave King, on a date with Cook's Essentials lady, Jenny Repko? Pic was taken at the Promise Ball for Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation International.

Are they friends? Dating? Former co-workers interested in the same cause? Is his arm wrapped around her or are they just standing together for a quick photo op? Are they or aren't they???

I do hope he is doing well and I wish we would get a real explanation for what happened!

ETA: most recent information HERE.

ETA: I was watching Jenny Repko give a presentation last night and I noticed what appeared to be a wedding set on her left hand. I'm guessing that they are simply (former) co-workers who share a concern for the same cause.


  1. It kind of looks like his arm is around her, but it could just be a wrap she is wearing.

  2. Former co-workers interested in the same cause...


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