Monday, June 9, 2008

ShopNBC Exploiting Princess Di?

Princess Diana's former Butler, Paul Burrell, is going to be selling a new jewelry line on ShopNBC "based" on what Di used to wear. Based on? The line will have "regal" and "princess-cut" diamond pieces "designed from Diana's taste." Whatever that's supposed to mean.

In case you've forgotten, the butler worked for the Princess for ten years until her tragic death in 1997. Since then, he has been cashing in to the tune of 10 million by writing three books, appearing on reality TV shows, and launching his own line of furniture. He also recently admitted to lying under oath during his testimony at Diana's inquest. Lucky for him, he will not be prosecuted for perjury.

He reportedly told a friend: "Diana wore big formal pieces for royal events. But privately her taste was much more understated. She liked smaller diamonds and simple designs. My range will stay true to that and to her - understated but beautiful and eye-catching. I am told it will be very popular in America because of the interest in Diana."

At the Diana inquest in January, Burrell claimed the princess didn’t like the diamond and sapphire engagement ring given to her by Prince Charles. “She felt it was a little too big and gaudy.” Of course, he admitted that he was less than truthful, so who really knows.

Butler Burrell is scheduled to be on ShopNBC Friday and Saturday at 7 p.m. each night with his Effy Signature Range. The line will feature (although ShopNBC won't post any of the pictures on their website) an 18-carat gold ring with 33 “princess-cut diamonds," a chain and cross featuring 130 gems in 18-carat white and rose gold, and an 18-carat tri-color diamond flower ring.

This just smacks of blatant exploitation. Calling something "regal" or "princess" doesn't make it so. Let me tell you, Queen Bea knows about this first hand!

I know sales at ShopNBC have been tanking lately, but do they have to get in bad with this guy? Are people really going to buy from him because he is "basing" the designs on what he thinks Di would like? Gag me. And, no, I don't think this is the same as the Jacqueline Kennedy Jewelry Collection on QVC. Those are replicas of her actual jewelry--not some schmuck peddling what he thinks Jackie O. would like "based on" her taste.


  1. This is just disgusting! She was a lovely woman and everyone is leeching off of her!

  2. The woman has been dead how many years? C'mon, people, get over it! She really wasn't the style icon that Jacqueline Kennedy was.


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