Monday, June 2, 2008

ShopNBC: Sales Down ... Way Down

So today is Kris Kulesza (formerly of HSN) first day on the job as ShopNBC's Chief Merchant. Per the press release:
Ms. Kulesza brings 23 years of executive retail experience to ShopNBC with nearly a decade in TV shopping and proven success in e-commerce. Her strong merchandising and financial skills have enabled her to execute many examples of innovation throughout her retail career at Hallmark Cards and Home Shopping Network. In her new role, Ms. Kulesza will oversee all aspects of merchandising at ShopNBC. She will lead the Company's key-item merchandizing strategy that aims to balance price point offerings to include first time entry buyers and repeat buyer price points. In addition, she will focus on developing a merchandise mix of high unit volume and sales of fewer SKUs while continuously driving new product offerings. Ms. Kulesza also will focus on vendor and supplier relations to improve gross margins as well as expand the Company's vendor base with new vendor partners.

Could this have anything to do with the big 17% drop in sales in the first quarter for a loss of 18 million dollars? They seem to be blaming this on the electronics customers who buy one thing and never some back. That's cause those customer's are men, folks! No loyalty. Love 'em and leave 'em.

By comparison, the Q was up 5%. It's not just the economy, baby! While I love to window shop at ShopNBC, most of their merchandise is just waaaaay too expensive. I would venture to guess that price point is their biggest problem. Gold is expensive, y'all!


  1. I'm with HSQ--everything they offer is WAY overpriced, even when it's on clearance. I really hate their artform pieces. The only place for artform is the ear, where you don't want a lot of weight (hello, droopy earlobes!) Anyway, I'm not surprised at the drop in sales. Last year I bought two or three pieces from them and was really disappointed with the value.

  2. Actually, they sell crap electronics
    going way back to the valuevision days. Check out ripped off report.

    Their computers don't work, cannot get service just garbage. That Jim Peterson guy went bankrupt. I won't buy anything from these people.

    1. Jim peterson didnt go bankrupt he made millions and left

    2. He for sure did not go bankrupt. He made ten of millions. I know this for a fact he owns 2 liquor stores and owns 5 different houses in the twin cities area. Drives a brand new Mercedes suv. How do I know? I work at one of his liquor stores.

    3. Where are the stores at?

  3. In the 2000-2003 time period, I bought several 18kt gold pieces from them. They are well made and very heavy. They were bought when gold was around $350 per ounce. They are all insured, and are worth much much more than what I paid for them. Now, they seem to be trying to have big pieces and are foregoing quality and style to make a big statement. Not worth it. I haven't bought anything in years.


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