Monday, June 2, 2008

Jeanne Bice Forgets Where Her Bread is Buttered! - UPDATE!

Head Quacker, Jeanne Bice of HSN ... oops, I mean QVC, (supposedly) has this response to her fax pas:

opps...they made a boo-boo i'm sure the world will see it no i am not going to hsn i will be on on tues and on mon at 5 pm with sharon for her ann. thanks for watching i did not get to preview the tape before they ran it and the moment i saw it i thought oh dea lord qvc will not like this so many people think they are one in the same now i am done jeanne

What about the part where she says "Home Shopping Network?" Did she mean to use the generic home shopping channel and messed up? And the post-production people didn't know the difference between any of the shopping channels?

Maybe Jeanne will adress the issue when she's on air. Maybe someone will call in and ask!

Quack! Quack!


  1. Girlfriend looks like she lost her marble a long time ago. Not surprising...

  2. WTF? Maybe shes not getting paid enough to remember the name on her check. I dunno, how much do these people make?


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