Monday, June 2, 2008

Jeanne Bice Forgets Where Her Bread is Buttered!

Head Quacker at QVC, Jeanne Bice, did a special segment for the Crystal Cathedral's (Home of the Hour of Power) 2000th telecast where she seemed to completely forget that she sold her infamous Quacker Factory wares on the Q. She stated that she's been selling her Quacker Factory line on the Home Shopping Network (HSN) for fifteen years. Huh?

The segment even featured the HSN control room with HSN plastered on all the monitors. Is Jeanne plotting something? Leveraging a negotiation of some sort? She's always struck me as one smart cookie. Even my boyfriend, Rick Domeier, always compliments her smarts. Hmmm ...

Watch for yourself here. Scroll to the last segment--the one with her picture, of course.

Jeanne told a snippet of her inspirational life's story. She felt like she had the perfect life until her husband died when she was 40--apparently it was sudden and right in front of her. She had never had to work and thought that she had to have a man to support her. Then Dr. Schuller's Hour of Power inspired her to live her dream and let God be the man who supports her. She took her clothing creations to flea markets and then to ... HSN? Confused? Anyway, this lady took her little flea market business and turned it into a $50 million dollar empire. She. Is. No. Dummy.

Quack! Quack!


  1. She is no dummy, but that still doesn't say anything about the sickening, sad, dumpy, nasty, crappy, fat way she dresses. Great, more fatties roaming the earth wearing leggings and oversized Halloween and Bunny sweaters. Yeah, that's sexy!

  2. I recently heard that Jeanne is going through a big "issue". It must be a medical condition, but I do not know what it is. Does anyone know?


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