Saturday, May 31, 2008

Dave King Gone!

Rumors are swirling that Dave King--host with QVC for 13 years who usually worked the late night/early morning shifts--was gone. No party, no big announcement, no fanfare, not even a thanks-for-the-memories cake for goodness sake. I wasn't sure if any of this was true until I checked the Meet the Hosts page of the QVC website and found no mention that Dave King ever existed.

He wasn't my favorite or anything, but you gotta wonder what happened. Supposedly he left once before and came back. I guess you only get one goodbye cake from the Q! Seriously, leaving with absolutely no explanation only encourages rampant rumors and innuendo. There are ways to do it without saying much--"pursuing other opportunities," "spend more time with family," etc.

So far, I've read that he's seriously sick (I hope not), dating Lisa Robertson (conflict of interest, maybe?), had a sudden surge of integrity and can no longer tow the Q's party line, wanted to pursue his own voice over work, or was simply bored.

So Dave, here's some Queen Bea confetti for you ... best of luck! :-)

ETA: Most recent information HERE.


  1. A True Gentleman,
    You Go Dave!!

    The Guys at Final Detail Co Say "Thanks for the Memories".

  2. Dave is on

  3. He was an excellent asset to the channel, his insights and comments were always excellent.


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