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Today's Blue Plate Specials!

QVC: Today's Special Value

Item# E05418

Sharp 46" Diagonal Widescreen Full High Definition1080p

  • $1385.00

  • $67.97 S&H (Wow! That's high!!!)

  • 5 (Not-So) Easy Pays of $277.00

What They Say: In a class by itself. See what you've been missing with this Sharp 46" diagonal widescreen full high-definition television. No matter what signal you're currently using, your viewing experience will be transformed with this affordable unit from one of the most trusted names in technology. Highest resolution available. Full 1080p resolution offers breathtaking color purity and crisp images. You might notice details like never before--the sequins on a dancer's dress, the rotation on a touchdown pass, or the smallest clue in the background of your most-watched mystery film.The fastest panel response in the industry. Six-millisecond response means no lag time, making it ideal for action and sports. Optimized picture control automatically adjusts the brightness to changing room conditions. Even near windows, doors, or other light sources you still see all the vivid, clear detail.Best seat in the house. With a 176-degree viewing angle, you have awe-inspiring HDTV from nearly every spot in the room. Invite your friends for the championship game or movie night.Space-saving slim design. Its narrow bezel and thin profile make it the perfect addition to any room in your home. Plus, it's lightweight--ideal for mounting on a wall.Not ready to go hi-def yet? This set works with an analog signal, too. Get it, and you'll be ready for the future when you want to upgrade.

What Queen Bea Says: Queen Bea would never get her arse off the throne if she had a 46" HDTV as her favorite court jester! And to think ... I could watch my boyfriend, Rick Domeier, in high definition! But considering the shipping alone is $67.97, Rick better be delivering it personally. Me thinks it's probably best for the both the Queen's coffers and the Queen's sanity that she stay far away from this particular TSV.

My boyfriend, Rick ... a.k.a. hottie TV delivery man!

HSN: Today's Special

Item# 322-423

Signature Club A Everything Vitamin C & More

$49.95 for the kit.
Can be set up for AutoShip for FREE.
Shipping & handling also FREE.
Two Flexpays of $24.98.

What They Say: When it comes to beauty, details make a world of difference. Those that count are a glowing, flawless-looking complexion, enhanced eyes and luscious lips. Adrienne's Everything Vitamin C and More Super Sale includes all you need to accomplish those beautiful details. And to aid in your flawless makeup application, we include a 2-sided magnifying mirror. Signature Club A Everything Vitamin C and More Super Sale Includes:
.7 oz. Wrinkle Filament FiberFill & Firm Instant Temporary Wrinkle Repair - this beauty treatment uses cutting-edge FiberFill technology and pharmaceutical-grade silicone molecules to form a temporary invisible net-like facial support system for sagging, crepey-looking skin while temporarily filling in wrinkles. It helps provide smooth-looking, less lined and firmer appearing skin. A perfect base for makeup, Wrinkle Repair also creates the illusion of smooth perfection when no makeup is being used.
.35 oz. Rapid Transport C Infused No Transfer Industrial Strength Concealer - our smudge-resistant, long-lasting, flaw-concealing roll-up concealer stick with a Rapid Transport C Infused Core moisturizes skin while providing excellent skin defect coverage. The specially chosen yellow-tone color with a creamy consistency hides redness, blemishes and makes imperfections virtually invisible.
.35 oz. Rapid Transport C Infused No Transfer Foundation - this smudge-resistant, long-lasting roll-up foundation stick with a Rapid Transport C Infused Core moisturizes skin while providing excellent coverage.
.35 oz. Rapid Transport C Infused No Transfer Eye/Cheek Color - versatile, smudge-resistant, long-lasting roll-up color stick with a Rapid Transport C Infused Core moisturizes skin while providing easy-to-apply, natural-looking eyeshadow and blush.
.12 oz. Rapid Transport C Infused Beauty Treatment Core Lipstick - moisturizes lips with the Rapid Transport C Infused Core while providing flattering True Berry color.
4.5 oz. Rapid Transport C Infused Tangerine Meltdown Cleansing Creme For Face and Eyes - excellent for most skin types, this cleanser frees skin of dirt and debris and gently melts off and removes makeup from face and eye with no need to tug on delicate skin. It is formulated with a combination of ingredients, including our Rapid Transport C ingredient and enlivened with a zesty tangerine fragrance.
1.7 oz. Rapid Transport C Infused Night Elixir - Adrienne's rich, super-emollient concentrated cream helps reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles on over-40 skin. It contains a combination of ingredients, including a skin-penetrating, pH neutral, stable form of Vitamin C that is transported through the skin faster than other forms of Vitamin C, and is converted to ascorbic acid by the action of enzymes in the skin. The formulation acts as an antioxidant that helps fight environmental aggressors, which helps diminish the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles and gives skin a plump look. Deep-penetrating liposomes without feeling greasy to give skin a younger look and feel.
Magnifying mirror - this 2-sided makeup mirror has a regular mirror on 1 side and a 2X magnification mirror on the other side. The easel stand allows you to tilt the mirror to your needs. Embellished with black trim and stand, the mirror measures approx. 7-1/4""H x 5-1/2"W.

What Queen Bea Says: Queen Bea loves to watch Adrienne because she's sooo entertaining; however, it's hard to take beauty advice from a lady that's pulled tighter than the Queen's control top briefs after a night at the all-you-can-eat Chinese buffet (Yes, I'm looking at you, Joan. But really I love you even more!). Her products always look greasy to me, but that could be just the way they show on TV (hmmm ... perhaps Queen Bea does need a 46" HDTV).

The one product that consistently gets raves on the product reviews and on all the message boards is her meltdowns--they smell like dessert and melt away all the dirt and makeup n your face. I'm thinking that if you want to try this line, that would be the place to start. Enter the word "meltdown" in Queen Bea's custom Google toolbar--which only searches the home shopping networks--to find them.

Another thing I love about Adrienne is that she uses models of all ages. For reals, y'all! Everything from knee high to a grasshopper to older than dirt. Queen Bea will freely wave her magic remote wand and change the channel if some stupid vendor tries to sell the latest miracle cream by demonstrating it on a dewy 18-year-old model. Ugh!

And in case you didn't already know, Adrienne is really Adrien Arpel--but she can't use that name on HSN.

ShopNBC: Our Top Value

Item# I8144

14K WG or YG 1.00ct Diamond Buckle Ring

Five value pays of $99.58
Choice of yellow or white 14k gold

What They Say: A modern twist on a timeless design. This buckle style ring is crafted in your choice of polished 14K white or yellow gold. It features 84 round cut diamonds in prong settings and 19 round cut diamonds in channel settings. The total diamond weight is approximately 1.00ct with a color of H-I and a clarity of I2-I3. The setting size is 9/16" x 3/4" with a height of 1/8". It also has an undergallery for added beauty and comfort.

About the History of Belt Buckles: Belt buckles were invented in the 1600s for purely one very important utilitarian purpose - to keep up the pants of British sailors. Eyelets and rope and string were fashioned for them originally, but proved useless once the pants got wet. The sailors attached leather belts to buckles and the look started a fashion trend which eventually became a wardrobe staple.

During Victorian age, buckle rings were given as a token of love and affection. The romantic notion behind this symbol is that the couple fit together "like a buckle and belt." This buckle design twinkles with a reminder of the past while adding flashes of contemporary allure to your latest outfits.

What Queen Bea Says: The Queen greatly appreciates that ShopNBC tells you the grade of their diamonds--even when it's close to drill bit quality. The diamonds even look grey in the picture. Yuk! This is why Queen Bea loves her some fake diamonds! Diamond quality aside, I still don't like the design. Where's the part of the belt buckle that sticks in the belt hole? This doesn't even look like a buckle. And the gold on the back of the ring looks thin. This ring is simply a hot royal mess.

1 comment:

  1. Kelly S. - San DiegoJune 1, 2008 at 9:05 PM

    I really hate buckle rings, but it's nice knowing there's sentimental history behind the wearing of them.

    Totally agree with HSQ--cz is by far better than most of the real stuff!


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