Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Blue Plate Special Daily Round Up

The Q is quack-quack-quackin' up a storm with their Quacker Factory TSV. I'm not a Quacker, but if you are, this 4-piece set is probably a good deal. Honestly though, I think it's a little too tame--if you're gonna quack, QUACK LOUD! QUACK PROUD! Go for the rhinestone-encrusted golden duck ... get the fiber optic light-up Christmas sweater, for the love of all that quacks! (I was actually quite tempted to get that one! What fun!). BTW, if you haven't seen Jeanne Bice's recent slip of the tongue, check it out here.

It's Suzanne Somers day on HSN! She's breaking out her signature trilliant-cut faux diamonds. The goldtone rings (clear, lavender, or champagne) just aren't doing it for me. They look very uncomfortable and the "goldtone" scares me. However, that little "crown and tiara" ring set looks perfect for the Queen Bea of Home Shopping ... I mean, it's got it all! A crown, a tiara, fake diamonds, goldtone, and it's made by Suzanne Somers! It doesn't get much cheesier than that, chickadees!

ShopNBC ... ShopNBC ... what is wrong with them lately?! Their OTV is a classic-looking Pearlfection simulated South Sea pearl necklace, bracelet, and stud earring set. Measuring in at a whopping 14mm, the pearls are absolutely ginormous--think The Flintstones. The set is pretty and looks well made (I particularly like the clasp), so what's the problem?

Cultured pearls have gone waaaay down in price and up in size lately, so why charge almost $100 for fake pearls? I don't mind fake pearls, but the price should be significantly lower than the real-deal. I guess if you are a stickler for the pearls being absolutely perfectly round with no pits or rings, than this is the set for you.

Jewelry Television has free shipping on clearance items with the code DISCEMFS.

Last, but not least ... remember that chef on HSN, Scott Conant? He just opened Scarpetta, an Italian restaurant in New York City. A snooty review can be read here. Is Scott even still with HSN? I could only find 6 items on the website and they were all on clearance.


  1. Thanks you the JTV code! I hate paying shipping.

  2. I don't think that chef is on HSN anymore. I havevn't seen him in a long time. Do you know anything about Luka? I heard they were dropping LukaStyle. I have his scuba jacket and really like it.

  3. That ring is awful.


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