Tuesday, June 17, 2008

The Jewelry Channel Shuts Down!

After going on the air last year, The Jewelry Channel--not to be confused with Jewelry Television--will broadcast for the last time on July 5th. President Sri Burugapalli blamed the shut down on not being able to find an investor and "the current disfavor of home shopping." (Queen Bea begs to differ! Home shopping isn't currently disfavored, it has always been disfavored! Hasn't this guy ever heard of the home shopping stigma?)

The Jewelry Channel is one of the multitude of shopping channels found on satellite. I just can't bring myself to watch them. However, I'll be stopping by their website over the next few weeks because there will most likely be some rockin' clearance deals.

Anyway, over one hundred people in Round Rock, Texas are losing their jobs. My heart goes out to them and I wish them all the best.


  1. I went to the Jewelry Channel website and tried to get on the message boards, but it wouldn't let me!

  2. Remember, Bea, that even though you might get a good deal b/c their going out of business, you can't return anything. Buyer Beware!

  3. I've never even been tempted to buy stuff on teh Jewelry Channel... just doesn't do it for me. I'm probably not alone, so maybe that's why they're going out of business?

  4. I myself have quite a collection of fabulous rings, earrings, necklaces and watches from TJC. I am devastated to see they are going out of business but not all is lost yet. The people there in Austin are hoping for an investor to come through!! Earlier this year I bought an Iliana diamond ring that totally resembled my engagement ring. The purchase price was 2,229.00. I had an appraisal done here in my hometown of Green Bay, Wisconsin and it came in at $8,600.00. Beautiful diamonds, beautiful ring! Don't knock it til you try it!! I love every purchase I have made and have never had to return a thing.
    They have been off the air since Thursday afternoon 7/3, I am devastated. (My husband is not!)

  5. I am not surprised TJC is going out of business. They are a schlock company that is run by a bunch of rip offs. I was buying from them about nine months ago and returned about 95% of the junk. I can tell you stories of their corruptness and their cheating and their lying and their illegal behavior. I have experienced it all. I wised up and went to GemsTV where I have been completely happy with 99.9% of my purchases. TJC sells JUNK, so PEOPLE RETURNED JUNK. They also ran their administrative area horrendously. I can go on and on, but let me just say - DO NOT BUY ANYTHING FROM THEM during this sale because you will get stuck with JUNK. It's not worth it. Besides that, you can get BETTER quality and beautiful jewelry from GemsTV for BETTER PRICES - if you consider the quality and the amount of gold they use and the integrity they put in their jewelry as well as how they run their company. No, I don't work for Gems, I just buy allot fro them. Goodbye and good riddance TJC. They actually owe me $18.95 which they keep saying they will credit me, but have not for 4 months now. I'll probably never see it. I have a bad feeling that there will be many people that will be ripped off much more money. I was smart enough to quit shopping and return everything and get all my money back before they pulled this Going out of Business crap.

  6. signed anonymous, sounds like someone who has an interest in some other channel. We have bought at least 20 items from the web site, never returned any. Their quality blows away Gemstv. buying as much as I can until they go off the air.

  7. I wrote the long post about my horrible experience with TJC and my good experience with GemsTV.
    I am surprised and ashamed of my fellow female shopping queens for suggesting that I "have interest" in GemsTV. I was posting my honest experience and hoping that no one buy anything with their going out of business sale, because there are no returns and you will get stuck.
    If you think about it.. why do you think they are going out of business? Because they SOLD JUNK and couldn't make a living on the rare few that kept the junk. They took advantage of people and it backfired.
    Well, this is the last time I post the truth and try to help people out.


  9. I have purchased many items for myself and presents for other people from TJC and I never found any of them to be anything other than what was advertised. They do sell a number of petite items in their sets, but if you read the carat weight and gem sizes you will know what you are buying. I always check my ruler to see how large those measurements actually are!They always give full disclosure. I have returned some items due to my simply not liking them as well on me when I saw it and always got a refund in a timely manner. I will say that their Iliana line is fabulous and there is no way I could've purchased the type of items I did if it wasn't for their amazing prices. I bought a nearly 2 carat emerald ring that is incredibly clear; my jeweler couldn't believe the price I paid! He couldn't come close to the price or quality. TJC's quality and design style is great, very couture. I've done a lot of comparison shopping all over and in those resort shopping areas, and no one can compare with them. I will miss them terribly!

  10. I was a customer with The Jewelry Channel and I bought several products. They are not junk. I like to buy loose gemstones and the quality of their gemstones are very nice.

    Today, I took my garnet loose gemstones to be check at Jared and the girl (a Jared employee) who checked them said that they are beautiful and told me: "Let set your garnets here, we can make a nice pair of earrings".

    GemsTV prices are not affordable for everybody. Their jewelry is beautiful, but they sell it too expensive. I subscribed with them in July and I never able to buy for them.

    Here are good news: Although The Jewelry Channel is gone, we can purchase nice products from the Liquidation Channel which is basically TJC's new name.

  11. I would be glad to send you a sample of the crappy "Brazilian" emeralds I received from these guys, TJC.
    If Brazilian means dirty and fractures and fissures, then I guess I got a good deal.

  12. I bought a lot of gemstones from JTV, along with some expensive rings. They have all appraised much higher than I paid for them, and I have since sold some of them for over 50% profit. I did return a couple of rings I did not care for and they credited my credit card as soon as the rings were received by their office.

    I have also purchased from GemsTV which is also now out of business. They had some beautiful rings of high quality, and had a great customer service dept. I had to return some of the rings and was credited right away.

    I do not understand the complaints on TJC as I do not know anyone who has had problems with them during their time in business. I miss them and wish they were back. I do not care for the liquidation channel as they appear to have "cheaper" merchandise, and lower quality gemstones. I so far have not purchased anything from them as I do not care for what they are offering. Cheap , Cheap, Cheap quality.

  13. I just made a large purchase from the liquidationchannel.com
    What a mistake. Every single item is garbage, from the fake southwest junk to the opaque, stones missing, poor quality fire opals. So sorry I wasted my money, I'll never get my money back for the garbage I bought. DO NOT WASTE ANY MONEY ON THE TRASH, WORTHLESS CRAP THAT THE LIQUIDATION CHANNEL SELLS. They don't refund your money no matter what, and I can see why. My dog produces nicer things than the Liquidation Channel. No kidding!!

  14. On the LC Channel's phone while your waiting says INFINITY!! REALLY!!! Their Customer service people speak in circles, lie, and say I'M NEW!!!!!!!! HSN and their supervisors say SORRY and DO NOT ADMIT who their bosses are. HSN says you may return WE MAY NOT PAY!!!! I guess QVC'S Horrible influence has spread! All of the home shopping networks are Screwing up!!and not caring!!

  15. Liquidation Channel's automatic answering system told me there was a 35 minute minute wait, with no offer of a call back. I thought it was a joke, so I waited. When it finally got down to a one minute wait, the auto teller kept changing it up to 3 minutes, then 5 minutes, and after about AN HOUR ON HOLD a member of their customer service answered the phone, only to tell me I WAS STUCK WITH THE GARBAGE THEY SOLD ME, TOO BAD!!!!


    They sell junk that falls apart the first day, walmart sells much better quality merchandise as does the dollar store AND GUMBALL MACHINES. Liquidation Channel takes your money, sends you broken and cheap worthless garbage jewelry, has no reasonable customer service what-so-ever, will not send you back your money no matter what, and is just a big get rich quick scam. They only care about the customers money, and themselves.


    I guarantee you will be sorry if you do!!!!

  16. LIQUIDATION CHANNEL is Horrible! As are the other networks. Why are people allowing the networks to RIP YOU OFF??????? Would you allow it at a store?? Of course not. QVC Corporate claims WE LOVE AS IS pricing. With Gold soo High why does QVC risk selling you reject , Faulty items? Why not sell or mail in the Gold as they suggest to us. OH Right That's because it is not really Gold but, 30 days and avoiding your calls and returns leaves consumer Stuck with the Fool's Gold. QVC admitted the colors of gold fade and are a Fad. QVC and the networks are a Sad Joke!!!!

  17. At Least NOW the TRUTH about the networks is being told. I am so sorry all of you and many others who probably do not want to relive the horrible networks experiences in blogging were so taken advantage of by our own fellow human beings. This has happened to me and my mom but, LC likes to call their Customer's UGLY!! Really! I listened to a cus rep A. say it on tape LC has. Which a R. was kind enough to listen to. R. says he agrees CS rep was wrong. But has no authority. THANK YOU R. for your Honesty, it can't be easy when you work there. Customer just wanted what LC is AGREEING THAT THEY OWE!!! I read on many other blog sites that LC does this to others. A. CS and CS rep D. Also made like she had authority and used the word UGLY and when asked to apologize would not. That We have on TAPE! LC tapes us and now we tape them! The Credit Card was appalled with all of it. LC J. said to managers etc. she would pay I hope she reviews the tapes and after all of this time does what is right. This was for a Valentines gift if that helps you know how long this has been ignored. I have the tape which is good because I would not have believed it unless I heard how their cs reps A. and D. speak. The scary part is my mom did not deserve it and the CS reps seemed to take great delight and pleasure in yelling it and being demeaning!! LC Supervisor must know and if J. does not, her tapes and employees told her so!!

  18. LC should be reported and action should be taken. I am going to start recording as well!! Maybe then with the recordings BBB will care!! I guess YouTube will be the site to check it out at!!!!!!!!!!!! All of the networks should be recorded. I guess WE will have to be our own BIG BROTHER!!!!!

  19. With TJC,i find you win some and then you loose some .thats life im afraid,Personally i shall miss them ...but hey,life will go on,and TJC will no doubt re invent its self.We shall see!!!


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