Wednesday, March 31, 2010

The Home Shopping Vendor Shuffle, Part 1

You squeeze your ThighMaster in,
You let your ThighMaster out,
You squeeze your ThighMaster in and you shake it all about (ouch!)
You do the vendor shuffle and you turn yourself around
That's what it's all about!

Queen Bea has been poking around trying to find out where-oh-where all the usual vendors are these days. While some seem to have disappeared off the face of the earth, most of them just spun the infamous Home Shopping Wheel of Fortune and landed their wares safely at another network.

Let's do a quick rundown, shall we?

Somer Time … Since she's been around almost from the inception of home shopping, I have to start with Suzanne Somers. Now I mentioned here and here that things were looking a little fishy for Suzanne, and apparently even a blind squirrel gets a nut occasionally cause she soon disappeared from the HSN roster. But don't ever count Suzanne out. This is the woman who has parlayed a short stint as a ditsy blond on a sitcom thirty years ago into a multimillion-dollar empire. It didn't take long before she turned up, ThighMaster in tow, on ShopNBC.

The Real McCoy … This one is a bit of a sticky widget. Pam and Wes McCoy were apparently fired as ShopNBC hosts; however, Pam still has her "Pamela McCoy" (faux furs and leather blazer) fashion collection with them. From what I've read, she's going to remain there as a vendor through the end of the year. I just don't see how this can work! Pam needs her Wes by her side in order to function. How else can she utter her trademark, "Ohhhhhh, Wes!" while she admires the latest trinket?

Yeah, They're Fake … Dr. Rey, that icky Dr. 90210 plastic surgeon that touches all the models inappropriately, moved his shapewear collection from HSN to ShopNBC. And he's now peddling a Sensual Solutions skincare line too. Sensual?  Honestly, is that really necessary? Is fake boob grabbing not enough for him? Although I can't prove it, I'm fairly certain that Rhonda Shear led the models in a revolt to oust him from HSN.

Judy and Paul Sittin' in a Tree … Judy Crowell--former QVC host, former HSN host and former wife of that poofy-haired Jeff Hewson--is now a fashion vendor at ShopNBC. Her husband, Paul Deasy--former QVC host and former HSN host--is now a gem vendor at ShopNBC. These two lovebirds have managed to work in some capacity at all three major home shopping channels. Can you imagine all the interesting tidbits that they must know? Oh, how Queen Bea would love to be a fly on the wall.

Perish the Thought … Kim Parrish, the former QVC host who then became a fashion vendor at HSN, now has her collection at ShopNBC. I just want to point out that Queen Bea saw this coming a long time ago and nobody believed me! Yes, I'm tooting my own tooty horn here. Toot-toot!

They Got the Sense Knocked Out of 'em … Sensa, the controversial diet sprinkles that are supposed to make you eat less, were originally supposed to be on the Q, but that never happened. Instead they ended up on HSN where they got the sprinkles beat out of them by Andrew Lessman, who refused to be associated with a network that would weightloss sprinkles. Lucky for them, they were able to land safely at ShopNBC.

More Vendor Shuffle Hokey Pokey to come in Part 2! 


  1. After reading your synopsis of the Great Vendor Migration of '09, maybe a chart is needed- something like Pete Frame's ROCK FAMILY TREES, where the novice can find which host/vendor was on what network and when....and which ones vaporized into thin air (POOF!).

    If you really want to have fun, you can chart marriages, divorces, bankruptcies, scandals...all the stuff that makes the blogesphere what it is today.

    BTW...."The Homeshoppingista" wrote a nice welcome back entry today about your return.


  2. Thanks so much Queenie...I LUV it all...I can't believe they even still sell the thighmaster!!!
    Welcome Back!!!

  3. I keep trying to find out when Pam McCoy is going to have her first Spring show, but I can't find anything. There isn't even anything on her facebook page. I hope nothing has changed.

  4. Does anyone know where Pam McCoy is going to sell her collection? I love her clothing and coats the quality is wonderful and i've purchased so many beautiful things from Pam McCoy i can't imagine her not selling her line anymore! I would love to know where she will be. KM

  5. Before Pam McCoy leaves for good, she should be forced to spill the beans about where she gets her manicures! She has the most beautiful fingernails in the business, much better than some of those channels like JTV or the soon to be defunct Gems TV where they look like they have put those cheap, press on nails on over their already bad nails. Get a clue women, if your fingers come over TV's the size of a sausage, spend the $50 a month to get a good manicure!! Oh yea, and gals at JTV, having a french manicure doesn't mean the white part is twice the size of the pink part, that only makes your fingers look shorter and fatter!

  6. I agree with the above thread i always found her to be impeckably dressed .She never had that loud in your face speaking 100 miles a minute sell tactic .

  7. I will greatly miss Wes and Pam McCoy. They were my favorite hosts. They really seemed genuinely happy and had such great chemistry. I think Shopnbc made a huge mistake. Perhaps they thought the McCoys were too popular.....

  8. I am so very pleased to read positive news of Judy Crowell. She seems such a genuine person. Love that smile of hers. She is a reall hottie--would love to meet her in person and tell her how much I admire her. I am glad she dumped Jeffery Hewson. He seemed rather phoney to me.

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