Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Sensa, the Magical Powder

"[H]ow could anyone compete with a magical powder with remarkable powers to alter brain chemistry and hormones?"

Due to all the speculation and rumors flying around about why Andrew Lessman decided to pull all his weight management products from HSN after the debut of Sensa, he's started his own little blog. I think Andrew's just trying to be cool like Queen Bea. :-)

First and foremost, Andrew wants it to be very, very clear that he has absolutely nothing whatsoever to do with Sensa. Nothing, people! I still don't know why he's worried about the association. No one is confused. It's ok, Andrew. Calm down.

He isn't leaving HSN even though they aren't particularly happy about him pulling some of his product.

He didn't pull his products because they are unsafe. He says that there are no safety or recall issues with his products.

He also didn't pull the weightloss products because they weren't selling or had a high return rate. On the contrary, he said that his last Today's Special of Secure Meal Replacements had record-breaking sales.

Andrew doesn't think that Sensa is unsafe, which was one of the rumors going around that actually worried me a bit. However, he does have three major problems with the product: 1) misleading claims (i.e. you can eat whatever you want and still lose tons of weight!); 2) even though Sensa claims to be clinically proven, his "research department has been unable to find a single published, peer-reviewed clinical study showing weightloss resulting from Sensa or any of its ingredients"; 3) the low cost of the bulk of the ingredients verses the relative high cost of the product.

Andrew has also been introduced to the infamous "poof" police (welcome to the club!):

"For now, I will remain restrained in sharing my thoughts about Sensa, but it is unfortunate that many of you who have eloquently shared critical thoughts about Sensa on the HSN Forums have been “poofed” and your postings have disappeared, which makes for some very unbalanced commentary and which has only underscored the need for me to respond."

Don't fret, Andrew. You aren't alone. The "poof" police are notorious on both the HSN and the QVC forums for making posts disappear indiscriminately. Anything and everything seems to fall under the old "community standards" rules except obvious violations and nasty trolls, which stick around and fester forever.

"Exiting the weightloss category at HSN is a huge economic loss to my company; however, my conscience can now rest easy as a result."

If you have any concerns, I recomend that you read Andrew Lessman's blog on his Procaps website for yourself.


  1. Something isn't "right" about this whole thing. Why does Lessman care about what is in someone else's product? We're to believe he is so upstanding that he wouldn't allow his products to be on the same network as another product he didn't believe in? I don't think so. Me thinks something else is going on.

  2. What a drama queen. If he's really so "concerned" about the misleading claims of Sensa, isn't that all the more reason for him to stay at HSN and sell his "legitimate" products?

    By the way, LOVE your blog. My 1st time commenting.

  3. Good for Andrew! It's nice to see somebody out there with integrity, who cares about what's in his products AND what's in other companies' products. We need more people like him to keep the rest of us from being ripped off. Kudos!

  4. andreww lessman's secure weight loss product has trans fat in it it is in the non dairy creamer, he is the real crook!

  5. Skip all these fad unhealthy products, skip artificial sweeteners, and sodas...cut calories, cut carbs waaay down, cut fats, aim for zero trans fat. Drink lots of water, avoid processed foods and make organics your friend. Use natural sugar or organic honey in small amounts. Eat little or no whites..bread, flour, sugar. Move...as little or as much as you can. You will lose weight and develop good eating habits. It takes time, but anything worthwhile does..and you're worth it. Good luck.


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