Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Quality Value Couture

I actually enjoyed the whole "Live from Bryant Park" shtick that the Q did for Fashion Week. Sure, it was a little contrived, but this is home shopping for goodness sake! What do you expect? Although I'm a little uncertain about Lisa'a outfit. It looks like there was some sort of mishap in the dressing room.

Elisabeth Hasselbeck wasn't my favorite. All the ruffles and bows were way to fussy for me and they also didn't look like they would be flattering to anyone above a size six.

Speaking of which, I was very disappointed that the Q didn't have at least one normal or plus-sized model at their show. I realize that this is Fashion Week and they are pretending to be haute couture, but that would have been such a progressive and empowering thing to do. And I'd be willing to bet that they would get some great press out of it.

This is a picture of Ruby and Raymond, the winners of the QVC and Extra win a trip to Fashion Week contest. They are so stinkin' cute I can't stand it! Doesn't he look like one of those poor husbands wandering around the mall aimlessly while holding onto his wife's purse for "just a minute" while she darts into a store and disappears. Ruby not only got to go to the QVC runway show, but she was also lucky enough to have a make over and be styled by Lori Goldstein (she's the one that had the fabulous military jacket with the ruffles at the bottom).

The picture is from the Melissa at Fashion Week blog on QVC. Melissa describes herself as a QVC writer/Blog queen, but I can't find any record of conferring that particular royal title on Melissa--is everyone a home shopping queen these days? In any case, if you are a fashionista, I would recommend that you check it out. She gives you the inside scoop on all the shows (well, many of them), not just the QVC quasi-fashion stuff. Fair warning--the 80's are coming back!


  1. yes..... I was not real fond of Lisa's outfit either. I kept looking at it and saying.......am I missing something or is she missing something?


  2. It just looks like Lisa forgot to remove her dinner bib!


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