Friday, February 13, 2009

Shopping Around ... Slummin' It

In addition to QVC, McDonald’s and Mattel are some of the other new … ahem … lowbrow sponsors of Fashion Week. Why? Money talks. All these high-falutin brands don’t have the roughly $100,000 in cash it takes to put on a show.

And just like they did with the inauguration, Extra and QVC are giving away a trip to Fashion Week. I would never find anything appropriate to wear! Southern housewife trailer park chic, perhaps? Who am I kidding! With Fashion Week slummin' it with Micky D's, I will fit in perfectly!

In her latest blog entry, Kim Parrish says that the nautical and safari looks are in for Spring. Ships Ahoy!

QVC is trying to buy more land in Suffolk, VA for future expansion. Looks like they really are closing or shrinking their Northern facilities for good.

Shares of ValueVison (ShopNBC) stock have gone down 95% in the past year to only 20 cents a share. 20 cents! Part of me thinks I need to snatch those shares up and make a bundle and the other part of me remembers that I know nothing about the stock market.

"Extra" co-host Dayna Devon—spokesperson of Sensa—is married to plastic surgeon Dr. Brent Moelleken, who did a well-publicised tummy tuck on her in 2007. Does this matter? We buy cosmetics and skin care from people who have clearly had facial plastic surgery so should it matter if you buy a weight loss product from someone who had a tummy tuck? Check out video of Dayna Devon's tummy tuck and decide for yourself.

Sarah Morgan, the handbag designer behind the new eenamaria handbag line debuting on QVC this month, will be interviewed on the MomAdvice Simplified Podcast next week to discuss simplifying accessories, what to look for in a good handbag, how to care for handbags, and how to spot a fake purses. Right now, these bright and bold purses that look like modern art can only be purchased at You can also check out a review of the Workin’ Weekend Baby Tote on

Apparently Flipo is looking for a someone to be a vendor rep for them. Why must this rep be a 25 to 30-year-old female? Honestly! But if your interested, you do pocket $250-$400 per show. Not too bad.

Is QVC backing out of free $10 promotion deal? Sounds shady.

Funny mock interview with a real colonial blacksmith trying to sell goods on QVC. I guess Williamsburg wasn’t selling enough the old fashioned way.

Interesting interview with Linda Dano. I had no idea that she’s been with the Q so long!

Another product effected by the huge peanut better recall. This only applies to products purchased after August 11, 2008. So if you've got an old cake stashed away in the back of the freezer, you're good. "Annie B's Confections announces a precautionary voluntary nationwide withdrawal of the following Annie B's ® branded wholesale dessert products and Annie B's ® Chocolate Peanut Butter Cake and Annie B's ® Classic Collection Miniature Pastry Assortment sold on QVC and on the internet site, because they may be contaminated by Salmonella, an organism, which can cause serious and sometimes fatal infections in young children, frail or elderly people, and others with weakened immune systems."

Kenneth Brown will be debuting a new bedding collection on the Q. He also designed High School musical darling Zac Efron's house, so I suppose that makes him a hot designer.

I know we all need to be safe, but has lead testing gone too far now?

Patricia Field doesn’t like to be too hands on with her collections. In an interview with promoting the new Shopoholic movie she worked on, Patricia said, “I don't want to be manufacturing and production. For HSN (Home Shopping Network) and Marks & Spencers, I didn't produce it. I designed it and PR-ed it, but I didn't produce it. I'm not an administrator of a big business.” How does that explain away these metallic leggings though?

QVC vendor, Donna Salyers, tells the story of how she went from using real to faux fur—it involves a rather traumatic cat fur scare.

QVC had record sales in tanzanite recently. Looks like after four decades of being on the market, it’s finally starting to catch on.

Forget plant stem cells, jellyfish will be the next new fountain of youth. Just you wait SSC will be on it like white on rice!


  1. Knowing what is going on behind the scenes of SNBC....skip buying the stock. I am not sure the channel is going to make it.

  2. Just a quick comment about the peanut butter recall, NutriSystem and the Q: the N/S peanut butter BREAKFAST bars have been recalled, even though no illness has been reported. This does not affect the N/S LUNCH peanut butter bars.

  3. The state of ShopNBC saddens me -- it really was once a source of terrific product at a great price. Most of the show host look as if they're about to upchuck. I feel for them -

  4. Thanks for the Linda Dano link. I purchased a book of hers from a second hand shop - it must be 15 years old, where she discusses her clothing line at the Q.

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