Friday, February 13, 2009

Sly "Hearts" Jennifer Flavin

Did you know that Sly Stallone got his wife, Jennifer Flavin, tattooed on his arm? Not her name, y'all! He got a picture of her face. Very handy if you accidentally forget your photo album at home.

Here's a closeup:

Now that's love. Getting someone's name inked on is one thing, getting a huge color portrait is another thing entirely. What can he do if they break up? Draw a mustache and glasses on the picture with a Sharpie? Jennifer might be his third wife, but I'm pretty sure she's his last one too!

I have to wonder if he used her Serious Skin Care Olive Oil line to help with the tat healing. It's supposedly good for burn victims, surely it's helpful for tattoo victims too.


  1. AWWW, isn't that adorable. As a slave to the ink myself, I would have to say that Sly is almost positive the Jen is his one true love, his soulmate if you would, to go to these lengths. Of course if they do split (remember when they first split up years ago, that scandal that he dumped her via fax or something like that)he can always have her face made into another tiger like the one above it right now, this way his arm will look like a jungle scene, something from one of his Rambo movies perhaps?

  2. Does that tat REALLY look like Jen? I don't think so, so maybe Sly is off the hook.

  3. I think it does look like her..remember, it's ink on skin; a more difficult medium to work in....and I think they are in it for the long haul. I hope so...she has stuck by him and he seems happy and settles. Nothing against any of his took him awhile to settle down. And if I'm wrong, there's always the tiger!

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