Thursday, February 12, 2009

Queen Bea Reaches for the Stars

This is the Paula Abdul "Reach for the Stars" ring that Paula took off her own finger and gave to that cackling contestant who we all love to hate, Tatiana, during last night's episode of American Idol. Tatiana already had the coordinating bracelet and Paula wanted her to have the set. Plus, Paula wanted to oh-so-subtly promote her HSN jewelry line to a captive audiance of millions.

If you haven't been following Idol this season, here's a little sample of Tatiana's cheese-grater ways (and don't say I didn't give you fair warning!):

The ring is on sale for only $12.95 and is a customer pick (!). Tatiana has been chosen as the Vote for the Worst favorite so she might be around for a while for that kind of voting block behind her.

I have to confess, the same part of my heart that loves the cheese of home shopping, also adores the cheese of American Idol. I just can't help myself!

I'm fairly certain that I'll be fishing around for ways to tie American Idol into this blog so that I can write about it with reckless abandon. So far, Paula, Clay Aiken, and Barry Manilow are the only clear links I can think of, but I'm willing to get creative.

How bad is this little addiction of mine? I'll admit to going to one of the American Idol concerts. In my defense, it was just one and I only went to see my all-time Idol fav and number one boyfriend, Chris Daughtry. He totally rocked it too. Mr. Queen Bea doesn't mind me drooling over Chris since they could pretty much pass for twins. It's a healthy kinda lust, y'all!

So if you aren't into Idol, you'll just have to gloss over these little posts from time to time. I just need an outlet for my obsession.

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