Thursday, February 12, 2009

Home Shopping Escapism

With the economy in turmoil, watching the news is not for the faint of heart. Just a few minutes of watching CNN while folding laundry can result in acute depression, anxiety attacks, and fear-induced paralysis.

Where to turn? What to do?

Instead of turning to a bottle of nerve pills washed down with a stiff martini, it seems to me that many people are turning to the ever-present and always-chipper home shopping channels.

Just pick up that little ol' remote control and click on over to QVC, where it's always sunny and happy--not to mention on-trend. And there are most certainly no problems in home shopping land! Well, except when you have decide which one of the fabulous colors to buy ... oh, what the heck! Just buy one of each. It's just money, for goodness sakes!

I think that folks are watching more and buying less. What do you think? Have you curbed your home shopping spending? Do you still keep HSN on in the background while you're fixing dinner?


  1. I know what you mean about the news on TV. I enjoy watching sitcom repeats. The shopping channels keep showing the same old stuff, which I still don't need. And ShopNBC, which used to fulfill my need to see beautiful jewelry!! Now jewelry shows are few and far between. It seems like all they sell are watches, tvs, computers and Pam McCoy stuff. The best thing about shopping channels is that there are no dumb commercials for mattresses, cars on no credit, or debt reduction companies.

  2. I am neither watching nor shopping. My "poison" of choice is (was) ShopNBC, which, as another comment points out, is now all watches, electronics and Pam McCoy. Boooooorrrrrriiiiinnnnnnggg! I knew it was all downhill after they dumped Offerings. (Or, Offerings dumped them?)

    So, thank you ShopNBC for helping me adhere to my pledge of greater fiscal responsibility in 2009. It's much harder to be a spendthrift when there is nothing you care to buy. How I miss the anticipation of opening those packages though...

    And Queen Bea, thanks for the Facebook invite!

  3. I've always had HSN or QVC on as "background noise" as my kids were growing up; it was a safe channel I could count on w/ no news reports of rapes, murders, commercials for Viagra, etc... inappropriate fare for young children. Now I do less shopping, more window watching & am more bored as their fare seems to be the same things over & over again.

  4. As far as shopping, I do my own version of "home shopping". When I see something on the Q from say, Clinique, BE or Smashbox, I dig around and through my makeup drawers to see if I already have that particular product or something like it,and then I "play" with my makeup (as my DH says). That way there's no need to buy new all over again. I always seem to have it or something like it already :-)


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