Thursday, December 18, 2008

The Tale of Two Gold Mesh Necklaces

Watch the video below of Suzanne Somers presenting a suite of gold mesh jewelry. Even though the model was wearing a sample of the necklace, it was not for sale--only the bracelet and the earrings. Unbeknownst to Suzanne, there was a bit of a problem with the necklace.

The host, Colleeen Lopez, explained that the necklace shipment was delayed for some reason, which happens often ... or at least every now and then!

None of this would be suspicious or strange if it weren't for the fact that a few days later, a heavily-promoted Miss Paula Abdul shows up selling her own gold mesh necklace. Here's the presentation of Paula's version of the necklace:

Did HSN pull Suzanne's necklace at the last minute to placate Paula and her people? No matter what you think of Suzanne or her stuff (and I'm not a fan of either of these scarf-necklace things), she has been with HSN for years and has consistently made them money. Why would HSN dis a proven money maker for a crapshoot on Paula?


  1. This is really bad of HSN. It's also pretty clear that Suzanne Somers wasn't happy about this. She even says that the necklace was there but now it isn't. Very fishy.

    I watched the Paula Abdul show and not only that, but the week before she was on HSN she was doing all the talk shows and had that same necklace with her.

    It is now abundantly clear to me what happened. Suzanne was meant to have the necklace to match her earrings and bracelet but Paula got it, and two other colors to boot.

    Thanks for your article and this blog which I just found tonight.

  2. WOW!!! Good research work here, Queen Bea!!! This is pretty shady!

  3. Everything's coming up roses! The metallic movement is in full force. Traditional yellow gold is taking a back seat to the newness of rose gold. Gold Necklace is emerging also.


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