Friday, April 24, 2009

A Royal Mess!

This is my Michael Jackson Beat It purse:

I normally carry a suitcase-sized handbag, but I found this one on clearance at Target for about $7 and thought I would use it for a while as a much needed "pop of red." It was the cute polka dot lining that sold me (QB *hearts* cute lining). Check it out:

Notice the big mess in there? Yeah, I know. I might be a self-proclaimed Queen, but I'm also a royal mess! Let's dump out all the contents, shall, we?

EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEK!!! I need help! It just so happens that an anonymous carrier pigeon dropped off the new TSV Lori Greiner Purse Organizer at my door. How convenient!

Look, it even separates out like those cute Russian dolls:

Will it work?

I couldn't use the the outermost part because it was waaay to large for my purse. But I think it'll work well in my bathroom for random toiletries. Anyway, I managed to get my brush, mints, pens, glasses, keys, phone, nail file, and money into the remaining pieces. I also kept my big wallet (which also has cute lining, thank you very much) with the pepper spray attached for all the usual wallet stuff.

The whole thing fit into my purse nicely and I just had to set the wallet on top. BTW, the random papers you see in the big pile of royal purse crap are now folded nicely and tucked into the zipper compartment of my purse. I did throw some of them away. Somehow i had managed to collect about five different grocery lists and receipts from every gas station visit and coffee I've purchased in the last year!

So will my new found organization last? I don't know. I like to be organized, but I have a hard time staying that way.


  1. Good luck! That is why I change purses often. But, I don't think that Lori's newest creation would work for me. I don't blame you for hanging on to your wallet. The only time I don't use a wallet is with Kathy Van Zealand's bags that have are small and act like a big wallet.

  2. Wow! Anyone who packs pepper spray has a bigger problem than purse organization ;-

    1. Better safe than sorry. In addition to human culprits, there are also stray dogs, and depending on where you live, wildlife. Coyotes can be rabid and vicious, and will move among humans if desperate for food. Pepper spray will probably buy you a few seconds to run away at least.

  3. Hey CC!

    Actually, I carry the pepper spray as a compromise with my father. He wanted me to carry a gun. I'm not really the heat-packing type of gal, so I agreed to carry the pepper spray. He worries. :-)

  4. Good grief. Now you are doing product presentations too QB? Enough already.

  5. I totally agree, Anon! OMG, QB is such a freaking sell-out! Doing product reviews on a home shopping blog. How dare she!!!!

  6. Dang QB!!
    Doesn't that bag get heavy?


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