Thursday, April 23, 2009

Scariest. Bunny. Ever.

This ... gulp ... sinister-looking bunny stuffed animal doll thing was put out at a restaurant as "decoration." Chucky ain't got nothin' on this critter! Rick, if you do another Evil Dead movie, you need this bunny!!!


  1. Oh Queen Bee... that's an Anna Lee doll. My grandma used to decorate her entire living room with the Santa and Mrs Claus variety at the holidays LOL.

  2. That is the most frietening website I have ever been to! ... shudders ... I'm sure your grandma is a very nice lady, but I would be scared to go to her house!

  3. Queenie, I have them also. Mine are vintage, almost 30 years old and I love them...:):) But then I shop on QVC so that explains a lot, right?:)

  4. Hey now! Shopping at the Q could only mean that you like Quality, Convenience, and Value--insert eye roll here.

    I think everyone is free to choose whatever scary critter they want without judgement from me. I'm just saying that these things give me nightmares! If you like 'em, more power to you.

    My husband is afraid of clowns and I like to torment him with Bozo dolls ... hey, we all have our fears!!!

  5. QB,
    Me don't likey that doll! I would guess the majority of little kids would run off screaming!!!!

  6. Truly grotesque! But just goes to show there's something for everyone (as hideous as it might be).

    I can sympathize with Mr. Queen Bea about clowns. As a child I got pretty upset at the circus my mother tells me, though mercifully I've blocked the episode. --Queen Celeste

  7. Well, looks like none of you have seen Donnie Darko.


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