Thursday, April 23, 2009

HSN Gives Back

Because I have mentioned my love for animals in numerous blog posts, Kenneth Strickland, an HSN employee and pilot extraordinaire, wanted to let me know that the folks at HSN share my passion for our four-legged friends and for giving back.

"HSN gives us two community service days a year that we can use on behalf of any non-profit. I volunteer as a pilot for a group called 'Pilots N Paws' (PNP). Basically, what happens is that rescue groups find shelter dogs in jeopardy of being euthanized and arranges for them to be transported to a foster family. For longer trips, they put out requests with PNP for pilots to carry the dogs with them in their aircraft.

"I volunteered to pick up a border collie in Valdosta, GA. She was going to be put down because she has heart worms, but a BC rescue group in Tampa Bay offered to take her in, get her treated, and put her up for adoption (they have a very high success rate). HSN allowed me to use one of my community service days to fly up there and pick her up. She slept the entire way back (2-hours) in a crate that was in the back cargo hold of my plane.

"The dog is an absolute sweetheart and didn't mind the flight at all. I got word from the foster parent that she's running around and playing with her foster brothers/sisters right now. Pretty awesome experience - one of the nice things about working for HSN."

It's good to know that the little doggie is doing well and that HSN is generous enough to let their employees take time to give back to the community. Go HSN! Go Kenneth!

And ladies--before you ask--Kenneth, the super dog-rescuing, home-shopping-insider pilot is taken. Sorry.


  1. A heartwarming story! What a wonderful, compassionate act by Kenneth Strickland. And bravo to HSN for allowing employees these community service days. By the way, they recently I briefly caught part of a jewelry show with animal themed pieces. I think the ASPCA may have been involved, and there was some mention of animal adoption. Thank you HSN! --Queen Celeste

  2. Whoops! Please strike the errant "they" in my fourth sentence. I was typing far too excitedly! --QC

  3. That story just made my day.

  4. What a great story, it made my day too! I have rescued a few dogs and people always tell me how lucky the dogs are but truly I am the lucky one.

  5. pilots and paws is a wonderful organization-visit their site. People post for animals needing transport, for both ground and air.


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