Thursday, April 23, 2009

Newbies Make Me Nervous

I can't watch new hosts. In fact, I usually find them to be downright cringe-worthy. Sorry. It's not that I have anything against them personally since everyone has to start somewhere. But they just stress me out!

I turn on home shopping for mindless entertainment to help me unwind and defrag my brain, but the newbies make me so nervous that I can't relax. Like watching a jittery gymnast wobble on the balance beam, I just find myself holding my breath and praying that they don't completely lose their footing and go crashing face first onto the mat.

You can even see the wheels wildly spinning in their brains when they pause or laugh nervously. Are they listening to a producer in their earpiece? Did they completely flake out and lose their train of thought? Are they totally out of ideas about how to describe the lovely bunny rabbit themed ankle bracelet with lobster claw clasp available in goldtone or silvertone?

It takes a whole lotta time, experience, and dedication to get your home shopping host sea legs. All I know is that I'm not comfortable enough to even watch--much less buy--until they are comfortable enough to sell.


  1. I know what you mean!!! And I think it is because we know the products they are presenting better than the new host. Having see it on air so many times. We can recite the features ourselves. It is the same at Q.
    Just getting used to Jackie and Carolyn. Newbies below them I cant take at all.
    I usually only watch Coleen and Lynn on HSN.

  2. It's because we KNOW they're new and nervous. How can we ever believe that Mary Beth Roe or Colleen Lopez are the least bit nervous anymore in front of a camera?

    I like to maintain my personal comfort level at any cost and especially while watching TV. The newbies are like dealing with wet-behind-the- ears new salespersons in brick-and-mortar stores.

  3. Speaking of new, I can't believe I'm actually watching a coin show but I just flipped this on (HSN) and there's some superhot guy I've never seen. Can't tell if he's the vendor or a new host in training. It's 12:55am Mountain time and he's on with John Cremeans. Dannnnng, he's fine. All buff and glossy. Love him. Hope if he's new to "us", he makes it. I noticed they didn't add Robin Wahl to the host page as they used to add newbies right away. Hmmmm, kinda skeery for her. Anyone know this guy I'm talking about? Give a name if you know and if he's a new host or just a vendor.


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