Friday, April 24, 2009

My Favorite Little Tweeter

I think that I'm finally starting to *get* the whole Twitter thing. I signed up for because it was the thing to do, but I really had no idea why it was the thing to do or what I was supposed to do with it. Besides, when you try to conjugate the verb twit or tweet, you end up getting into some rather interesting territory!

So far, my favorite home shopping tweeter has to be Rick Domeier. Now, if you aren't particularly keen on his dry sense of humor, than this post ain't gonna be for you. Just quit reading this and go turn on QVC or read a book or something.

Anyway, here is a smattering of his tweets:

Saw an interview Today on the Narcissistic epidemic. How silly. By the way, do I look great today, or what??!!

Currently catching up with Facebook, Twitter,, my top ten other sites. Kids haven't eaten in three days.

May the Gods watch over me. Working with Richard Simmons tonight

The Lord is Risen Today. I, however, am currently horizontal on the couch.

See what I mean??? Love it!

Join me on Twitter .............. It's fun, y'all!!!


  1. thanks, QB! i tried searching for him a few weeks ago on twitter but couldn't find him. turns out he's got "qvc" in his url. i'm now following my man! love him *and* his sense of humor!


  2. I resisted TWITTER for along time...then I joined and found it was SO COOL!

    All kinds of neat (and sometimes useless but fun) information....Jimmy Fallon and Kevin Spacey hanging with each other at the Rangers-Caps hockey game; Hillary Clinton thinks Tucker Carlson is charming; Meghan McCain jacked because she was hosting THE VIEW; the Yankees Nick Swisher even more jacked when he rang the bell at the NY Stock Exchange...and most important....DIDDY does not sleep. Ever. I mean, he's always Twittering, 24/7. He doesn't have time to party or make trouble. He's just a mega wealthy techno-geek (but with street cred).

    BTW...thanks for adding me, QB! Till we tweet again!


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