Friday, April 24, 2009

It's a Beautiful Day

Check out the QVC It's a Beautiful Day sneak peak over at the Beautiful Makeup Search blog here and here and here (she's got a lot of ground to cover!)

Rock & Republic will also be making their debut on the Q. Never heard of them, but the name has me intrigued. Will I come out looking like Pink?

And Philosophy will have the TSV ... check out the Philosophy Advanced Make-up Optional Skincare Set.

So will you be glued to the couch all day tomorrow with QVC set on speed dial???


  1. Soooo...? What did everybody buy on Beauty Day? I skipped the TSV.

  2. Hey CC!

    I broke down and got the Mally concealer. I have rosacea and need something that works hard, "my loves," but isn't really heavy. We shall see. I 'm not afraid to send something back if it doesn't live up to expectations!


  3. I skipped everything! I'm back in school & didn't even know Beauty Day was on. But i would really love to have the Clarisonic Skin system - have been wanting it ever since i first laid eyes on it. I think it would be great for my combination skin.

  4. Gale, maybe we should all buy that Clarisonic system and just pass it around. Us Beauty Bugs all yearn for it so ;-)


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