Saturday, April 25, 2009

Dan Hughes Drops his Drawers

Even though I live in the South, I've never understood the whole NASCAR thing. But, for all you race fans, there is a great and extremely detailed article on that goes behind the scenes of the Q's long-running For Race Fans Only show.

And there's a lot to know. Did you know that it takes 4 trucks, 30 QVC crew members, and a cuticle-saving baby-oil-covered cotton swab to make the show happen?

QVC host Dan Hughes, not only loves racing, but he's also a bit of a race car driver himself. Between that and the stand up comedy, I'm guessing there isn't much that scares him. Except maybe when he made a Freudian slip at at the worst possible time:

"I said, 'I just thought of something. It's Valentine's Day. We've been plugging your sponsors all night long. Don't you want to plug your wife?' And the second it came out of my mouth, I thought, 'Oh, my gosh. This is the end of my career. I'm dead.' Dale looked up into thin air for 37 seconds and never said a word.

"Now he's 1,000 miles away from me but his eyes locked on mine, and I could feel the beads of sweat rolling down my back. Finally, he looks into the camera and says, 'Teresa, I love you and I'll see you tonight.' "

Hughes got off the air and immediately called Daytona to apologize.

"And I hear in the background this laughter that I had never heard before," Hughes said. "And I had known Dale for a few years. But it was a joyful, 4-year-old laugh. And it was Dale, laid out on the table. And he picks up the phone and says, 'Dan, I've got one question for you. Did you mean to say it?' And that was really the start of us being friends. That's the worst it ever got."

You think Dan would've learned his lessen from that. But unfortunately for him, this is the money quote of the whole article:

"I don't usually start interviews by dropping my pants," Hughes says with a laugh.


  1. I've recently noticed (blessedly) that Albany Irvin hasn't been annoying viewers with her presence. Is it even possible that she's left the Q? Her pic is still on the host page, so I doubt her absence is permanent, but hope springs eternal. Perhaps she's off giving birth (or should I say picking up another foreign exchange student)that she can claim as her "own" child. That'll bring her up to "5." You go, Albany. Go girl, GO!!!



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