Monday, January 26, 2009

Sensa Sprinkles on HSN

I heard many months ago that Sensa was going to be on QVC. So either my sources were wrong or something fell through with the deal. In any case, I did get a chance to try the Sensa Sprinkles.

Check out Queen Bea's Sensa Sprinkle posts for my reviews of the new diet craze. Just click on this link and scroll down. There are lots of posts on the subject.

Why did I stop using them?

Honestly, I moved and lost them! However, they have since been found, so I might start sprinkling again. Anyone want to do it with me???

On a personal note, my poor son, who just got over Step throat, woke up this morning throwing up. I feel so bad for my little man.


  1. Anybody who is considering this HSN TS should read this first:

    Read the whole thing but pay attention to the 6-20-08 update.
    There's no way in the world I would use this, but that's JMHO.

  2. MSG??? Maybe I won't be trying this again! I had no idea. It is certainly not clear from the ingrediant list, but it does make sense.

    Thanks for the link CC!

  3. hope tiny man feels better.....mine had that a couple of weeks ago :-/

  4. It might be worth a whirl to try, I do believe that as "overweightness" (is that a word?) & national obesity rates continue to climb, more science & nutrition research will be devoted to the study of hunger & diet. I think we will see all sorts of new approaches to an old problem that is only increasing & creating all sorts of associated health risks in our population in every demographic. Most of the naysaying that I read came from people who haven't even tried it. If you tried it & it worked, why stop? What works for one person may not be as effective for another. Nothing ventured, nothing gained I say...

  5. Gee, I purchsed Sensa when it was the TSV on HSN, and I have not tried it yet, fact is, I keep forgeting to take it with me to work. Now I am pondering whether or not to even bother. I started to capture my progress, check my spot out for updates

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