Thursday, January 29, 2009

Shopping Around ... Angels Among Us

Sometimes I wonder about Miss Tina ... what am I supposed to do with hot pick studded leather fingerless gloves? Wear them to the office? My son's soccer game? Perhaps I can flip people off on the interstate in style. And what kind of manicure is appropriate to wear with this type of glove anyway?

I just finished watching Suzanne Somers on Oprah discussing her recent book, Breakthrough, about bioidentical hormones and menopause. Although the conversation was very interesting, I kept getting distracted by that gold necklace she was wearing. Wow! It was slamming! HSN needs to make that in Technibond so I can actually afford it. I heard that HSN kept bleeping Suzanne whenever she tried to promote her Oprah appearance. I'm sensing some bad blood going on between Somers and HSN right now.

Clark Elliott opened up his own clothing store recently. Who is he and why should you care, right? Well, he produced clothes for eight years for Suzanne Somer's HSN clothing line and recently left to open his own store. Does this have anything to do with the line being dropped?

Word on the street is that QVC model Angel recently lost 25 pounds and is featured in an article in First magazine. I haven’t seen it yet, but congrats to Angel on the weight loss and the article. She's making Queen Bea proud!

It's Bleepin' Golden Gold! Following in the footsteps of McCain’s Fine Gold, the Chicago Tribune has this little parody of Rod Blagojavich on QVC: “… you click on QVC and Rod and Patti are hawking his incriminating quotes from the federal wire taps in "authentic" yellow metal plated script. Don your Balkan Warlord outfit and wear the whole golden quote around your neck, like "I'm not giving it up for bleeping nothing!" Be the envy of every playah on the corner. Act now and receive an authentic State Sen. Rickey Hendon silver-plated "pro-Rod race card" for only $19.95.”

Washington Post makes a visit to QVC’s Studio Park. They just don’t get it.

Home shopping addiction and your tax dollars—a different kind of stimulus, perhaps?

Does this mean that Joy Mangano and HSN are being sued?

There’s nothing like free labor in this economy and HSN is looking for some interns. Do they at least get the employee discount?

Check out the video of the QVC and Extra inaugural Ball winners. If it weren't for the high security, crowds, and traffic, I think Washington D.C. would have been fun!

If you bought Nutrisystem from the Q, check to make sure that you don't have any peanut butter granola bars. They have been recalled in the big salmonella peanut butter scare.

Sorry about the lack of posts lately, but it's been a crazy week.

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  1. QB - I think you wear those hot pink gloves to the gym to "work out" (pick up men)! I guess they are blinged out driving gloves or something. I missed SS on Oprah, was looking forward to hearing what she said, darn.

  2. 'Hope your son's feeling better, Queen Bea.

  3. Did anyone catch Lisa R. last night at Fashion week...her "performance" with the GREAT Mizrahi was they were both royalty from the Hamptons or some such thing...her hair and dress were in a word.."interesting"...and that's never a compliment!

  4. Watched very little of Lisa R. last night; just couldn't take it. You are right her dress was "interesting" in a non complementary way. Did not look good on Lisa, but not sure who it would have looked good on. Not a flattering style. Looked like a nightgown I had a long time ago. I think she always acts like she's part of the Hampton elite, especially on the Fashion Week shows and the shows that QVC does in the Hamptons.

  5. Its said to see anyone lose their job,but i just dont get all the hype about Charla when ever i would catch her hosting she was always coughing and hacking up phelm.

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