Thursday, October 2, 2008

Creede Rocks the Bracelets!

It's Creede Silver Strike Day on the Q!!! I love jewelry and I love silver, so I certainly have no problem with an entire day dedicated to silver jewelry!

After looking through all the Creede pieces, I was most struck with the bracelets (and I'm not just talking about the TSV either). Normally I'm much more of a ring and earring kind of a girl, but the bracelets were clearly the stars of the day.

The TSV is an Arte d'Argento Sterling Multi-gemstone Charm Bracelet. I love just about anything Arte d'Argento, but I'm sure we'll soon be hearing stories of beads falling off the bracelet (or arriving already broken). I always worry when a manufacturer has to make enough of something for it to be a TSV. If you have to make 10-20,000 bracelets (I have no idea how many they have), I'm guessing that the quality is naturally going to slip a little. Although I have to admit, it does look like it would be fun to wear and jingle.

There's also some great Artisan Crafted items, like this Sterling & Brass Bead Scroll Design Cuff:

And this Artisan Crafted Sterling Bold Woven Bracelet:

There's even some designer jewelry like this RLM Studio Sterling "Molten Wrist" Couture Cuff (be still my beating heart ...)
And some designer knock-off stuff like this Sterling Twisted Cuff Bracelet w/Decorative End Caps:

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