Monday, October 6, 2008

Oh, Snap! Props to Lisa Mason

I have always loved my Diamonique shows with Lisa Mason--she's irreverent, funny, entertaining, and informative. Kathy Levine certainly left some "big honkin'" shoes to fill and, while many loyal viewers may disagree, I think Lisa has done her best to step up to the plate.

The main criticism of Lisa seems to revolve around her interesting and unnecessarily wordy verbage/verbiage (yes, I know there has been discussion of that particular word), but from my "vantage point," this quirky style makes her all the more interesting.

But that's not what I'm giving her props for.

For years, Lisa has consistently stressed that customers should never over-extend themselves financially by buying too much because "a piece of jewelry won't change your life."

"Only buy what you can easily afford" is not exactly the mantra that salespeople (i.e. hosts) tend to live by, which is why home shopping has a bit of a reputation for sweet talking people into spending their life savings and maxing-out their credit cards looking for happiness.

Lisa risks selling less in order to be true to herself. I admire that.

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