Saturday, August 9, 2008

Today's Blue Plate Specials ... Shocking!

The QVC TSV is a Kodak 12x Zoom 8.0 Megapixel Digital Camera with Optical IS. Other then the fact that I love to zoom, I have no idea if this is a good camera or not. I checked out the reviews online and they seem to be pretty good overall--basically a good camera for the price. Also the QVC price seems to be slightly less than other site I looked at (although with shipping and tax it's about the same). But there was an issue with the power button of all things:

For some stupid reason they've integrated power button with flash ejector.So to turn camera on, you have to eject flash first then turn camera on. It makes process of taking pictures so much longer.And on top of that, that same button doesn't latch properly sometimes. So you have to repeat process twice before the camera turns on.

The HSN TS is a Professor Amos Shock It Clean 16-piece Anniversary Kit. I love cleaning products! I'm a sucker for anything new that I see at the store. My latest favorite is Swiffer--the Wet Jet and the 360 Duster. Love! Love! Love! Anyway, back to the Professor ... the reviews for his products are mixed. Those who love it, really love it and those who hate it, despise the stuff.

I love watching Professor Amos. First, he's bald like Mr. Queen Bea (solar panel of love as he likes to say). Plus, he's so energetic and positive that I would love to believe that the products work as they show on HSN. Maybe some people don't mix the concentrate correctly? I don't know. Although I can't get this today, it's on my list to try.

The ShopNBC OTV is an Acer Aspire 17" Intel Core 2 Duo 1.83GHz Blu-ray Notebook with $100 Rebate. I hate rebates. I'm always pretty sure that there are rooms of bitter, poorly paid cube rats whose entire job is to go through all my rebate paperwork looking for any reason to not honor it. If they wanted to give you $100 dollars off, they'd just give you $100 off. Why do a rebate?

Check out the $1.99 shipping on all Isomers here.

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