Sunday, August 3, 2008

Today's Blue Plate Specials ... I Triple Dog Dare Ya!

The HSN TS is a ybf 9-piece Celebration Collection. This is the HSN debut of what was Model's Prefer back when it was on QVC. Read about the divorce drama here.

This collection is basically everything you'll need once the foundation is on. Colors are fairly neutral for a very natural look and you also get a 1-year subscription to Allure magazine.

The ShopNBC OTV is a pair of 14K Gold Cachalong & Black Diamond Earrings. I had to look up exactly what a cachalong is since I've never heard of it. Here's what I found (there wasn't much information on the Internet):

An opaque to feebly translucent porous type of opal which when wetted with the tongue absorbs moisture so quickly that it sticks. Generally white in color but pale colors in other hues are known, Cachalong is commonly associated with opalized and chalcedonized wood. Also abundant as cavity fillings associated with zeolite minerals in pillow basalts.

So--even if you're triple dog dared--don't lick these earrings, chickadees!!!

You might end up like that poor kid, Flick, in "A Christmas Story!"

Can't say that I like these earrings, but I did enjoy learning about another gem.

The QVC TSV is a Folding Island Kitchen Cart with Butcher Block Style Top with Stainless Steel Accents. I love the hardwood and the stainless steel. And I especially love that this just folds up for easy storage. However, it is a little pricey (shipping alone is over $20!) and the actual usable surface space isn't very big. But it could be a nice drink or appetizer station for a party.

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