Monday, August 4, 2008

Today's Blue Plate Special ... Shady Pines

QVC's TSV is a Motto Stretch Denim 3/4 Sleeve Jacket with Yoke Detail. Ummm ... two words ... Mom Jeans. Yuck.

I can't wait for tonight!!! Ann King has the TSV and it's Silver Designer Day ... my favorite special day that the Q does all year! It's a Major Award!!!

"Tonight! Tonight! It's coming Tonight! Tonight! Tonight! Tonight! Hot Damn, Tonight!"

The HSN TS is an Antthony Asymmetrical Tunic and Pants 2-piece Set. I don't like this. Not that I don't enjoy listening to Antthony, but this is Bea Arthur-esque (I loooves me some Golden Girls, chickadees!) Plus you would have to be as tall as Bea to pull it off.

The ShopNBC OTV is another watch--Invicta Men's Swiss Russian Diver Retrograde Bracelet Watch. What is with ShopNBC and the watches? I do like this one, but not all men could pull it off something so bold and trendy.


  1. Give that watch to Anthony, he could pull it off, honey. Maybe the orange outfit, as well...

    Well, do you allow links? I gots some purses.

  2. Antthony can pull off anything!


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