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Steve Bryant ... Straight From the Horse's Mouth

Former QVC host, Steve Bryant, chimed in over at the QVC boards to explain why he "came and went" over the years. I love it when hosts and vendors post as themselves on message boards. It's sooo exciting! Maybe one day Queen Bea will even post as herself ... you never know where I might be lurking, chickadees. ;-P

Here is the link to the message board thread where I found this. I NEVER post anything from the boards without stating it first. So no revolts this time, ok?

And in case you didn't know, Steve is a man of many, many talents ... check out his very funny Home Shopping-ism song here (I promise that it's worth a listen!)


Thought I would chime in so you could get this straight from the “horse’s mouth.”

I did leave full time employment at QVC back in 1989 to do a morning drive radio show. While I did say goodbye then from my evening show, I stayed on QVC part time for weekends, Friday evening through Sunday. After almost a year of working 7 days a week on radio and TV, I returned to QVC full time in 1990.

I did take a leave of absence in 1998 at the end of my contract. I spent a few months taking care of some business and personal issues. I returned and stayed for the duration of my new 2 year contract. I left of my own accord in May of 2001 to do some musical things I always wanted to do. I played at blues and folk festivals all over America for a year, traveling with my dog Mandy. We covered 30 states and Canada in that year. It was the experience of a lifetime and Mandy was great company. I still miss her everyday. Now I know how Mr. Bojangles must have felt in the song.

After that, I did some talk radio outside Philadelphia, a few infomercials and finally went to Nashville to be Vice President of On-Air Sales at Shop At Home, which had just been purchased by Scripps Networks (HGTV, The Food Network, DIY and Fine Living).

When Scripps sold them two years later, I opted not to stay. The new owners were excited that they would be able to sell a package of 20 swords for under $100. When I replied, “20 Swords?! Is there a dragon epidemic I don’t know anything about?” They realized I didn’t share their vision and released me from my contract.

My wife and I are still in Nashville and I’m having a blast doing song parodies, comedy bits and some serious music for radio shows around the country. (There are links to them on my website.)

I had a great career at QVC and I’m having fun now. Just worked with Bobby Rydel, Bill Dana and the Smothers Brothers this past week on a very exciting TV project.

As Paul Harvey would say, “And now, you know the rest of the story.” Thanks for all the kind comments over the years!


  1. Always liked Steve. He's a very intelligent, great down-to-earth guy! Good luck and God Bless, Steve!

  2. Wow steve, wondered where you went, Im glad youre doing ok.... good luck to you

  3. Gosh he's still around.
    He's like a bad rash that will never leave.

  4. I wondered why you disappeared from view. Then lo and behold I found you one morning around 3:00am with Ron Popiel. YOu finally met your match didn't you. I don't believe for one minute that you have a wife. Where on this earth would you find one. You once mentioned on QVC that you had been fired because you wrote a book -- about children. How 'bout that?

  5. Always liked him but he never should have left qvc, he wrote a song and left for that ? sounds foolish in this economy

  6. I've missed you Steve, always enjoyed watching you on QVC. Sounds like you have gone on to bigger and better things. Good luck and God bless.

  7. Really miss you on QVC. So many hosts have come and gone and I always wondered what happened to them. It would be nice to have an annual old host week on QVC. As viewers watch on a daily basis, you become part of our lives. Hope only the best for you, and hope to see you again.

  8. Update for Steve Bryant fans: He has re-surfaced at a radio station on a show called "the Don Geronimo Show" out West. Wish him all the best. Wish he'd get his own show though he is so talented. Steve still has quite a following from his home shopping days so i thought Id update. They just dont make the hosts like they used to. Gone are the days of feminine,classy female hosts and respected male hosts. The only ones left I like are Mary Beth, Jane Brown and Dan Hughes. The glory years at QVC will liekly never return. I agree about the idea for an old host week at QVC. Sort of like a family reunion. Id bet sales would go up too.

  9. 01/04/2013 Saw Steve Bryant on ShopNBC tonight illustrating hard anodized cookware from Macy's. I haven't seen him since QVC and infomercials with Ron P. Good to see him once again.

  10. I always liked Steve. He is an elegant man. Hope he is doing well. Sounds like he is enjoying life.

  11. Yes thats right, Steve B. is now on ShopNBC periodically but he isnt full time. I caught him on the air while he was cooking about 2 months ago. The hostess kept getting in the way of the presentation and it drove me crazy, had to turn the channel. Would love to see him and David paired on the air doing a cooking show. That would be a hoot!

  12. I read Steve is no longer on the radio show. Lets hope he rebounds. I think his home is QVC. Shop NBC just isnt the same quality.

  13. I havent seen him in years. A Dragon epidemic!! At least he still has a sense of humor. He seems like a good man who isnt getting the respect he deserves.

  14. Maybe this is your best gig, because you were a Fucking disaster on the Don Geronimo Show in Sacramento! We were embarrassed for you!

  15. Excuse me sir. You should not cast stones. The man is accomplished as a song writer, home shopping guru and radio talent. I remember him fondly from QVC.

  16. He has become a snarky, negative curmudgeon. Check out his Facebook page and you'll see. He thinks he knows everything in existence and puts everyone and everything down. He needs a shot of sunshine.

  17. Steve Bryant is the worst liar EVER, after Hillary Clinton of course!! Now back to Steve -- everything I've read about from your blog is the biggest bunch of shit I've ever read. Did you have fun making it all up?????

    1. You are being rude to both Steve and Mrs Clinton. If you want to talk liars how about the Predator in Chief in the White House.

  18. My Mother always said if you can't say something nice then don't say anything at all. I wish Steve Bryant all the best.


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