Monday, August 11, 2008

ShopNBC Hits New Low

I try to stay off my high horse, but the saddle is broken in and quite comfy actually. So, here I go again ...

ShopNBC is launching a new fur line this month--real fur, which I personally find disgusting. I'm not a crazy PETA vegan nut job, just your average run-of-the-mill animal lover.

Norma Jean and Cedric Kirchner found it necessary to come out of their one-year retirement to peddle their "affordable fur accessories" (Whatever that means. Comfy fur thongs? Stylish fur earrings?)

To my knowledge, QVC doesn't sell real fur and HSN recently announced that they will no longer be selling fur.

ShopNBC has quite the knack for picking vendors. Did you read about the Princess Di controversy? Makes me wonder how low their standards are exactly.


  1. I am with ya...fur is a strange choice. (Although I will wear vintage because I figure, that animal's been dead and gone for so long it's OK.) Dennis Basso does such great faux why even bother with the real??

  2. Faux fur has come a long way. Pam McCoy has her super fancy tissavel furs. You'd think that would be good enough.

  3. I recently started working for HSN, and if we ever decided to start selling fur again, I'd put in my two-weeks notice that day. Read up on fur farms and you'll see why.


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