Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Revolt in Queen Bea's Kingdom!!!

So apparently some people on the Q's message board have a problem with me posting sneak peeks of upcoming items like I did for Sterling Designer Day here.

I'm a little confused as to why exactly.

First--Full credit was given to the ladies on the message board for the information. I certainly NEVER claimed that I found these item numbers.

Second--I posted the information on my blog because QVC loves to "poof" threads that have item numbers/descriptions/links for upcoming shows. I wanted the information to still be available in case that were to happen. The Q can't poof me.

Third--The information was posted on a public forum on the Internet. I'm pretty sure that anyone with a modem can cut and paste anything that anyone posts there (Trust me, I know! Things are stolen from my blog all the time!)

I work really, really hard to keep this blog up and running and hopefully entertaining every single day (while working full time and being a wife and mother). So, I'm sorry if I offended you, but I just don't think that home shopping channels should be taken that seriously--it's entertainment to take our minds off the real problems of the world like poverty, health care, and war.

Besides, Sterling Designer Gallery Day is my favorite day on the Q and I was genuinely excited. I'm just gonna take my silver and go home now.


  1. Don't feel bad, QB. I can't stand those women on the Q forums. I can't post opinions (which is difficult for me, considering just how many of those I have!) and now, obviously, you can't post facts?!?! Whatev!

    Most of those crazy ol' bats are rude, rude,'re right, it's a shopping forum, not the word of God! They need to chillax.

    You just keep doin' your thang, QB. I'd rather come here and read your funny posts than sell my soul to the devil to try to be accepted into their CULT!

    Oops, there I go again, bein' opinionated...


  2. Thanks MK!!!

    I have had soooo many encouraging emails about this.

    If the haters don't like it, they can start their own blog.


  3. My goodness, you thanked them profusely and gave full credit as any responsible blogger would do. And as you said, it's a public board. It's not someone else's blog.

    Too bad none who are complaining over there have had the good grace to object in comments here, to your face and not behind your back. I guess their appreciation of netiquette ends at their own front door.

    Sorry for remaining anon, except to say I'm a fellow blogger and a Q shopper too! And just look at how many extra page views you're getting! :)

  4. Keep up the great work Queen Bea, i'm a tv journalist and you certainly have the right to say what you want...and besides, as a journalist I find your blog fair and balanced. smiles

  5. QB, My first thought on reading that Q thread was "You must be kidding??, please tell me you are"! There are more important things to worry about and where the heck is the OP's sense of humor? Lol, her jewelry friends are even wondering where she is coming off with this nonsense.

    Thanks QB for all your info/friendly gossip and the ability to write with laughter and fun! Keep up the good work!


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