Friday, June 20, 2008

Queen Bea Eats Crow ... the Tacori Harlequin Ring Rocks!

So, I was complaining recently about how Tacori always lets me down, but that I just keep coming back for more. I also might have called their new stuff duds. I humbly say that I was wrong. I know the Harlequin ring isn't completely new (like the Crescent stuff), but it's new-ish and it is gorgeous!

It's detailed, designer, weighty, believable, and has a full under gallery (so it's comfortable!). I went up a size and I'm glad I did. Fits perfectly. Highly, highly recommend. However, it is a little thick, so if feeling the ring in between your fingers bothers you, then this isn't the ring for you.

And if you haven't already, read about that naughty Paul Tacorian! :-)


  1. Hah! I knew you'd rescind your previous opinions about Tacori. I've only seen a few of their pieces that are absolute cr@p--most of the others are gorgeous.

  2. it seems as if it's hit or miss...i got the bloom cut ring (miss) the bloom cut pendant (big time miss...looks SO fake) but the J28310-Tacori Epiphany Diamonique Lace DesignNecklace is AMAZING!!! i also got the matching earrings...killah! but they've made a lot of money on me because i'm so indolent and rarely send back the QVC stainless earrings & necklace set. Too heavy! love your blog!

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