Monday, June 16, 2008

Paul Tacorian ... Cheap People Need Not Apply

Looks like a certain Mr. Paul Tacorian set up a MySpace page a few years back and then forgot about it ... there aren't any friends or updates. Last log in on 11/8/2006.

The hip-hop-hating, super-mature, party boy likes to smoke, drink, and just have fun, but isn't a fan of "lame" or "cheap" people, which is sooooo incredibly ironic since he's now selling fake diamonds on QVC. Not that I'm implying anything!

On a plus note, he said that his mom was his hero. Awww ... I'm a sucker for that!

Here's his profile:

About me: 29 years old, love to party, don't like lame people...time to grow up maybe? Probably not yet...One day

Who I'd like to meet: Cheap people need not apply...

Paul Tacorian's Interests
General: Anything that is Fun
Music: Hip Hop blows!!!!!!
Movies: Only when it's raining on Sundays...
Television: Love it!
Books: Books?
Heroes: My Mom

Paul Tacorian's Details
Status: In a Relationship
Here for: Friends
Orientation: Straight
Hometown: Los Angeles
Body type: 5' 11" / Average
Zodiac Sign: Leo
Smoke / Drink: Yes / Yes
Children: Someday
Education: College graduate

Paul Tacorian's Companies
Los Angeles, CA US
VP Marketing
Long time

Paul got married last year to a beautiful lady named Lisa. Check out a slide show of the wedding here. Her ring is to die for! Definitely not cheap or lame!


  1. I knew I sensed a little something naughty when I watched him!

  2. I hope that he has matured since getting married.

    That ring is AMAZING!!!

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  4. My first spam comment ... how exciting!!!

  5. i hate spam, the lunch stuff in a can and the stuff that fills my inbox everyday

  6. Jenn in KnoxvilleJune 16, 2008 at 4:22 PM

    Unbelievable... he picked a real woman, not a silicone enhanced, blowup doll. Kudos to him--she looks like a nice person!


  8. beautiful photos. and she *does* look like a real person, jenn in knoxville! LOL thanks for sharing, QB!

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  11. Leave the poor guy alone, alot of men do the samr thing. She wasn't the one or else he wouldn't be in divorce court.Beauty is not going to keep a man alone. All in all he wasn't ready for marriage.

  12. saw him in a club in new york about a year ago...recognized him from qvc ...had a whole entourage with him,they carried him out he was so drunk.The EX WIFE SHOULD GLAD TO BE RID OF HIM ,he looked sleezy like he needed a shower

  13. Guy is a douchebag! Cheated on his wife on his honeymoon.

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  15. He just mentioned a GIRLFRIEND during his show with Rick this evening! As for the 'cheap' comment: Selling or buying on QVC does not make you cheap. That means Judith Ripka is now a bargain basement queen, too. He's a business man and if his stuff did not sell, he would not be on QVC. Remember, people can be wealthy but still can be VERY cheap. That could mean cheap with money or cheap in their traetment of themselves and others.

  16. LOL...I LUV this site!!!
    Where else could we find this stuff???


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