Monday, June 16, 2008

Blue Plate Special Daily Round Up

QVC's TSV are some practical (i.e. hideous) old-lady Clark's sandals. I'm sure it's very comfortable. I can't think of anything else nice to say about it ... oh wait! It looks as durable as a Lock & Lock container. I bet you could run a truck over it and still wear it to Sunday school. Ahem. Anyway, I'm just going to close my eyes and pretend that Adi Paz has the TSV today--it is their first anniversary, you know! (BTW, search for the secret word "gemdrops" on the QVC site!)

ShopNBC has a Croton watch as their OTV. It's made out of tungsten and ceramic, so it's very trendy. Not bad. Not bad. They should have done this before Father's Day so they could attract those ladies wanting to buy for all the men in their lives (and get one for themselves while their at it, of course), instead of those no-good wham! bam! thank you, ma'am (buy one item and never call again) men that they've been getting lately.

HSN has the infamous no! no! hair removal kit for their TS. I've heard so many differing reviews on this that my head is spinning! spinning! So let me put this as plainly as I can: I hate to shave. I really hate to shave. And if this really worked--really, truly, honest-to-God made it so I wouldn't have to shave anymore--I wouldn't care if it hurt like hell fire and damnation and I wouldn't care if I had to spend a long time doing it (while being certain to carefully hold the no!no! at the precise angle).

I would suffer just to not have to shave again. Honestly, it would totally be worth it. Totally. But--and this is a big butt like mine!--I will not spend hundreds of dollars to spend hundreds of hours suffering only to have those hairs sprouting up again, needing to be shaved again. No! No! I won't! I won't! Jury is still out on this one, chickadees!


  1. Love, love, LOVE ceramic watches! If they're a fad I hope they never go "out"....

  2. I would truly be amazed if the hair removal product worked. Even electrolysis takes several sessions. Looking forward to reading reviews on this one.

  3. Thanks for a MAC code!!!


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