Saturday, June 14, 2008

Literary Crack: Sellavision

I just found out about this book, Sellevision, which is all about the behind-the-scenes drama at a fictitious home shopping channel--similar to ... oh, I dunno ... maybe QVC or HSN, perhaps??? It came out in 2000, and how I haven't heard about it until now is beyond me.

It starts off with a popular male host getting canned for accidentally exposing his bits and pieces during a robe segment. Ok, I'm hooked. There's all sorts of hairy earlobe drama, peddling of Princess Di memorabilia *cough*shopnbc*cough* and, of course, the Dazzling Diamonelle (Hah! Fake diamonds ... I love it!).

Sellevision is the first novel by Augusten Burroughs, famous for Running with Scissors. Anyway, I will be buying and reading Sellevision. It looks to be the perfect literary crack Summer beach read.

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  1. I read this book a few years ago and thought it was raelly funny! you'll love it. Especially the hairy earlobes.


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