Thursday, June 19, 2008

Blue Plate Special Daily Round Up ... the Yum-Yum Face Strikes Back!

QVC's Corky's BBQ Pork Ribs Sampler TSV is finger lickin' good (hey, don't judge ... it's hard to get all the BBQ sauce out from under acyclic nails ... maybe they'll come out with a a special Fuller brush for that!). Oh my, a food TSV means that we have so many David "Yum-Yum Face" Venable moments to look forward to today! Where I live, I can buy Corky's ribs at the grocery store and at the Corky's restaurant down the street, so i just don't get why I would want to have to pay to ship them. Are there places in the country that don't have Corky's?

The ShopNBC OTV is the Comodynes Total Body 20 Pack Tanning Towelettes. Now being fish-belly while myself, and not being a big fan of cancer or wrinkles, I'm all for anything that will give me a little color in a safe way. But they need to learn a little restraint! A little goes a long way, chickadees. I just don't want to encourage any home shopping channel on this particular topic. Please refer to the Oompa-Loompa Hosts post for a full explanation. :-)

HSN is in updated hippie mode with Tatami sandal. On the plus side, the sandal has the famous Birkenstock footbed and they are kind enough to offer them in wide width too (Queen Bea greatly appreciates this!!!), but I'm just not feeling it. Sorry. It's just trying too hard ... or maybe I'm just a tree-hugging, whale-saving, crunchy-granola traditionalist that just wants to wear plain ol' Birkinstocks when I go to a folk concert in the park. Maybe not, cause I do kinda like these other ones ...


  1. I'm in Michigan, Corky's here :(

  2. My husband loves Corky's so much we named our firstborn baby doggie after the place. It's that good!


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