Wednesday, April 21, 2010

The Song that Haunts my Dreams

Close your eyes and count to eight ...

I fall asleep to this song, I wake up to this song, I catch myself singing it while I'm folding laundry or washing dishes. Is there some sort of subliminal messaging going on?

No don't, cause I can't wait ...

Since I'm completely powerless to fight it, I thought I would at least find out exactly who was slowly brainwashing me. The song, which is on super heavy rotation on QVC, is called "Honeycomb" and the artist's name is Nadia Fey. According to her website, Nadia's songs aren't just popular on the Q:
A cutting edge singer/songwriter, Nadia Fay's talents are unparalleled. Her original songs have appeared in films/trailers (Nights in Rodanthe, Marley & Me), commercials (QVC promo, Shoe Carnival, Samsung) and in several major TV shows including General Hospital, Road Rules, Smallville, Ghost Whisperer, Reaper, CSI NY, How to Look Good Naked, The Victoria's Secret Fashion Show, Entertainment Tonight, etc. A dynamic performer, Nadia is currently playing live in the Los Angeles area and working on new material for her upcoming album "Spirit on Display", a deeply personal collection of her best music yet. Stay tuned! See for more videos Nadia's album "Honeycomb" is available at iTunes, and
Everything's free in this field of fantasy ...



  1. She sounds a lot like Edie! I am getting old, heh?

  2. Please make it stop.

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