Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Marie Osmond Back on QVC

After the tragic death of her 18-year-old son Michael Blosil, Marie Osmond understandably cancelled all of her upcoming QVC appearances. But there is good news for her loyal QVC fans, Marie announced on Twitter today that she will be back on the air April 26 with a "surprise guest host."

Marie will be working with QVC host Mary Beth Roe who recently lost her mother.



  1. This loser should focus on the tons of children she decided to acquire rathet than run around trying to make more and more money. She's an awful mother.

  2. Geez, kinda harsh comments Anonymous. Unless you have intimate knowledge of her family, you shouldn't really be making comments about what kind of mother she is. Is Maries ex-husband a horrible parent too for ultimately going back to work after his son killed himself? Are they both supposed to quit their jobs, close their businesses and live on church handouts so to focus on their kids?

    I am not a great fan of Marie Osmond but it's certainly tragic what happened to her so I wish her and her family all the best.

  3. Marie Osmond is a self centered its all about her everything else is secondary. how much money does a person need how much attention look at me,does a person need? famous people are sickning.

  4. I love ya Marie! But beware of the Crazy woman, Daniel Selby. It has a temper and is potentially a loose Cannon!

  5. She seems a little nuts


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