Thursday, April 22, 2010

Remember Daliza Crane?

There sure were a whole lotta Star Trek and Elvis collectibles going on back in the day, weren't there?

Daliza Crane was a QVC show host years ago who was mostly stuck with overnight shifts. She was one of the four former Q hosts that sued for discrimination (the other hosts involved in the suit were Victor Velez, Clarence Reynolds, and Gwen Owens).
Daliza Ramirez Crane claimed her moment of truth arrived when the channel told her to "lighten up" her image.
"No other host was ever asked to do this, but I wanted to keep this job, the job of my dreams," said Crane, who got a New York cosmetics stylist to make her look "whiter" and stuck with QVC for five years.
After her stint at the Q, Daliza went on to pursue her doctorate in media studies.

I can't verify that Daliza was the one who actually posted this little note, but someone claiming to be her posted this on the Discovery Channel Dirty Jobs forums and thought it was rather interesting:
Mike Rowe, can you please get in touch with me. It's Daliza Crane from QVC and it is not about cohosting. It is personal. Kelly, Clarence or Dale all have my contact info or you can email me at Daliza_Crane@[edited out*].com. I won't put up my phone no. in case this gets broadcast.
Let me tell you, I don't blame her one bit. In fact, Mike Rowe actually needs to contact Queen Bea about something personal too! Check out Mike before he was dirty here and his dirtiest job here.

*Yes, I took out the actual email address.

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